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King Arthur Fights To Take Back Atlantis In AQUAMAN #31 (Exclusive Preview)

Aquaman may be an iconic DC Comics hero, but often, he’s a hero who gets little love from people in the mainstream. Which is pretty dumb, because he’s nearly invulnerable, has super strength, telepathic abilities, and oh…he’s monarch of 75% of the planet Earth. I’d say that should earn Arthur Curry some respect.

Unfortunately, even in the world of the DCU right now, King Arthur of Atlantis has been tossed aside by his own people, with their coup resulting in his being ousted from the throne, and replaced by the usurper, King Rath.

But now, with the help of his loyal allies, Arthur plans on getting his rightful place on the throne back and beating back the forces of the man who stole his birthright. With an Aquaman movie coming in 2018 starring Jason Momoa, one said to be heavily influenced by recent run of the comics, there is no better time to jump on board the regular ongoing Aquaman title and see what all the fuss is about.

You can check out our exclusive preview of the first five pages from Aquaman #31, together with the variant cover down below in our gallery.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Riccardo Federici
Cover Artists: Stjepan Sejic (Variant) Joshua Middleton

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Take Back the Throne” part one! Arthur joins forces with his new ally Dolphin, his loyal frenemy Vulko, and the love of his life Mera, to rally the underworld of Atlantis and end the reign of the nefarious King Rath! But even as Rath doubles his efforts to destroy “the Aquaman,” dangerous new enemies begin to emerge from unexpected places…some vying for the throne themselves!”

 Aquaman #31  is due to hit stores on Wednesday, December 20th

Are you as excited for Aquaman to take back his throne? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: DC Comics



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