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AMA Recap: Daniel Radcliffe Reveals What His Horcrux Would Be

Daniel Radcliffe is making the rounds to promote his latest movie, Horns, and that includes stopping by Reddit for an AMA. He took time to answer fan questions last night about topics ranging from who he’d like to work with, which Harry Potter characters are his favorites, and what helped him learn how to do an American accent. He comes across as exceedingly polite and game to answer anything.

On his favorite character in the Harry Potter franchise other than Harry Potter:


How sweet is it that he calls James Potter “my dad?” Way to stay in character, Radcliffe.

On which actors and directors he’d like to work with:


On the fart-related prank Alan Rickman played on him during the filming of The Prisoner Azkaban:


On what he’s going to be for Halloween:


Daniel Radcliffe as Boba Fett? Fandom would explode.

On what he would turn into a Horcrux (he’s never been asked that!):


On learning an American accent:


On his favorite video games:


Other highlights:
– He prefers to be called Dan. “Just “Dan” is best. “Daniel” is fine, but I always sort of think I’m in trouble. And “Danny,” I think, if you call yourself “Danny” you give everyone around you the right to sing “Danny Boy” to you ALL THE TIME, and it’s a nice song, but once you’ve heard it 1,000 times, you don’t want to hear it every time you introduce yourself to somebody.”
– Gary Oldman taught him how to play the bass line for The Beatles song “Come Together.”
– Michael Gambon collects and restores dueling pistols and once gave Radcliffe a demonstration.
– His favorite foods are cheeseburgers, pizza, and “stuff like that.”
– Daredevil was his favorite comic book character growing up, and his favorite book is The Master and Margarita.
– He confirmed that his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint does indeed own an ice cream van and has also owned llamas and a hovercraft.
– He hasn’t been approached about working on Game of Thrones, but he sides with the Starks because their house sigil has a wolf.

Read the whole AMA over at Reddit. And remember, Horns is out in theaters on Friday, October 31, 2014.

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  1. Sirius Black says:

    He has a Horcrux, it’s his foreskin.