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ADVENTURE TIME’s Finn Becomes He-Man, by the Power of Ooo!

It’s time to rename Finn the Human as “Finn the He-Man.” Or at least so say Robotic Industries, a company that regularly sculpts action figures for such lines as Character Options’ Doctor Who and Palisades Toys’ late, lamented Muppets line.


Here, they have imagined what might happen if Adventure Time hero Finn’s sword were imbued with the power of Grayskull. Given Jake the Dog’s shape-shifting abilities, he could probably take this form anyway, but we’ll assume his Battle Dog is equally energized.

He-Finn (unfortunately sans Jake, who’s for display purposes only) is a designer toy available in super-limited quantities, as so many are. And by super-limited, we mean… 15. Yes, 10 will become available online March 11 for 50 British pounds, while an additional five will be up for sale at Toycon UK on April 9, billed as Britain’s “only dedicated designer toy convention.”

He-Finn features articulation at the waist, shoulders, and legs. Sorry, but twisting for a Power Punch is a feature best left to the mass-produced. Thankfully, it packs enough of a visual punch that you shouldn’t miss that feature too badly. Also, if you’re playing with a custom that cost this much, you shouldn’t be hitting other figures with it anyhow.

Check out the gallery below for a look at the making of He-Finn, and several angles on the final product. Can we get an IceKingetor to do battle with him? Or maybe you’d prefer to see Evil-MarceLyn? BM-Orko? (Actually, no, that last one lends itself to some terrible toilet humor.)

Tell us what re-Masters of the Universe you’d like to see in comments below.

images: Robotic Industries and Toy-People



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