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Inked Wednesday #58 – DOCTOR WHO, HE-MAN, and More

Today I would like to share some advice about how to compliment tattoos. It seems obvious, but based on the remarks I receive about my visible Star Wars tattoos, some folks need help. Let’s start with the dos: Do compliment awesome tattoos when you see them. It can be as simple as, “Hey, I really like your tattoo.” If you have a similar tattoo or are a fan of whatever franchise the tattoo is from, mention that too. Easy, right?

And for the don’ts: Don’t ask someone if his or her tattoo is real. It can come across as condescending, and honestly, I’d say most of the time when you see a tattoo on an adult, it’s the real deal. I get asked this frequently about my Rebel Alliance tattoo, and I don’t understand why. Also, don’t launch into a long story in the grocery check-out line about the tattoo. Compliment and move on.

That business out of the way, let’s look at geeky tattoos! This week’s Inked Wednesday has a lovely Doctor Who design, Bullet Bill from Super Mario Bros., He-Man’s Power Sword, and more.

“The dreamer of improbable dreams.” (Doctor Who) | Source: Chio Asakura

Have geeky tattoos of your own? If you don’t know the drill by now, most of the tattoos in Inked Wednesday come from reader submissions. Leave links to pictures in the comments or send me your photos on Twitter. Be sure to let me know the tattoo artist information.



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