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A Whovian Cookbook, Reviewed and Tested

WHOVIANS! I bring you good tidings for the New Year! (Happy one, by the by, I haven’t seen you in a while but rest assured I love you all and wish you the best and stuff.) My tidings come in the form of a beautiful labor of love via the absolutely wonderful Chris-Rachael Oseland called Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook and it is COOL. Cookbooks are cool.

ALLONS-Y! Let’s take a look! There are a TON of excellent ideas, recipes and adult beverages to invoke the awe of any self respecting Doctor Who fan at your next party. Recipes are chronological by season and episode, so you could cook along, eat some delicious food, and catch up all at the same time. And you should, because Oseland spent a lot of time on this, which is evident in the fun commentary and easy-to-follow instructions that must have been cooked by lots of testers to make it juuuust right. Oseland spent a year rewatching episodes and experimenting in her kitchen to make this for the rest of us eager nerds.

There are eighteen delicious alcoholic concoctions (that I may or may not have tried every single one OMGDELICIOUS), a multitude of vegetarian creations, about twenty that are Celiac-friendly, and even some for low-carb dieters. Oseland has really put some incredible time and effort into this. There are a ton of mouthwatering photos, tips, and tricks to help with basically any Who party you could need.

Personally, I made the Adipose Herbed Butter because I needed it for bread, it sounded delicious, and, good heavens: it was. Oseland says that after trying a few different ideas, “If you really want the smooth, creamy texture of the Adipose, you need to be true to the monsters. You need to work with pure, delicious fat.” Mmm. Yes. Granted, mine didn’t look great because I’m no good in the kitchen, but it tasted great!

The Ood Mezze Plate was unbearably cute, and who doesn’t love hummus? I sure do. This one is fairly easy because you’re basically just making hummus delicious and an adorable Ood!

Other cute things like the Sontaran Soldiers, Extermination Loaf, Fishy Daleks, and the very green New Earth Apple Grass Cocktail are among my favorites so far.


If you’re looking for something fun to spice up your next Doctor Who viewing, I can’t recommend this highly enough. So much love from a true Whovian; Oseland put together a really great book of ideas and recipes, and you should try it. Some of the recipes are better than others, and not everything will appeal to everyone, but there’s certainly something here for any Doctor Who nerd to geek out on.


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  1. StephEd says:

    I’m SO excited about this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. RJ Williams says:

    I remember watching Tom Baker on PBS late on Sunday nights. It was a grand experience. I haven’t revisited the series until I started listening to your awesome podcast. It keeps me company late nights in the lab here at the University of Arkansas. I decided to create a quilt (yes, I quilt) something to celebrate the 50th year of such a great show. Check it out here!
    Again, thanks Chris, Jonah, and Matt for getting me back into the good doctor!

  3. joe anon says:

    fishfingers and custard? Jelly baby?