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A Drum, Paint, and Super Slow Mo is All You Need in Life

Some artists work with marble, some with instruments, others with their bodies, but paint will always be one of the standard mediums for expression. What isn’t quite as standard is putting paint on a drum and filming it in super slow motion to see what you get. Though the result is definitely still something to admire.

The Slow Mo Guys are back with a new video, and this time they put a bunch of different powdered paints on a big drum and filmed hitting it with their 4K, super slow motion camera to see the results. Whether it was 1,000 frames per second or 3,000, the footage they got was (as usual) crazy fun and beautiful to see.

They put a rainbow arrangement of paints (which looked really cool before and after they hit the drum), and first hit the drum on the top. The vibration caused by the strike created a wave of movement across all the paints. Then they hit the drum from underneath, and the paint responded to the single blow. That’s why the paint shot up much higher when they hit the drum from below, it was a focused blast with a concentrated point of energy. Watching them hit the cymbal was just as cool.

Although, if you’re going to have your friend hit a big pile of paint straight up in the air, maaaaybe don’t stand right over it.

The guys have been known to work with paint before, but this might be the best one yet.

What would you like to see them try next? Use our comments section below to drum up interest in your ideas.

Images: The Slow Mo Guys/YouTube

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