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The Slow Mo Guys Bring Us a Spinning Drill Covered in Paint

Mixing a bunch of paint and power tools? Sounds messy. Better get a slow motion camera first.

The Slow Mo Guys, who have brought us such joys as a tennis racket destroying molds of Jell-O, and a tornado of fire (fire tornado!), are back again, and this time they took a drill, a rainbow of paint, and a blank canvas, to create spinning galaxies of chaotic beauty.

The end result looks like something you might get if you sent Jackson Pollock into Home Depot without any supervision and 40 bucks.

It’s always remarkable to compare the team’s super slow motion footage to videos of the same project happen in real time. The drill here runs for only a few seconds—outside of a small amount of splatter on the canvas, you can’t really even tell much of anything is happening during the real-time clip. Yet, when watched at those slow speeds, the results are incredible. There’s a remarkable serenity and elegance to something that, on its own, is really kind of silly when you think about it.


If your son told you he did this exact same experiment in the garage you’d probably ground him. But when you have a 4k, slow motion camera and a YouTube account, it becomes some sort of post-modern art display.

Though make sure the drill is on tight, since it really did make a difference.

What are some things you’d love to see them try next for you to watch in super slow motion? Rush down to our comments section below to tell us.

Images: The Slow Mo Guys/YouTube

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