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9 Lucky DOMINO Comics to Get You Ready for DEADPOOL 2

Comics offer us up a smorgasbord of cool characters, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Luckily for you I’ve come up with a list of nine landmark comics so you can get to know the newest addition to Deadpool 2, portrayed in the film by Zazie Beetz. Domino is a radical female character who has a surprisingly prestigious selection of creators in her back catalogue, and now you can get familiar with Marvel’s luckiest lady with these nine must read stories!

The New Mutants #98 (1991) – Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Steve Buccellato, and Joe Rosen

It’s the first appearance of Neena Thurman A.K.A. Domino… or is it?!? The spotted character we see here is later revealed to be a Domino impersonator named Copycat, so technically this isn’t Domino’s debut. But as far as Cable and the New Mutants are concerned, the lucky mutant made a timely entrance to subdue Deadpool in his own first appearance. Writer/artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza still get the credit for creating Domino, regardless of any shape-shifting shenanigans.

X-Force #8 (1992) – Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Mike Mignola, Bob Wiacek, Steve Buccellato, and Chris Eliopoulos

In a flashback, we see Cable and Domino’s previous team–the Wild Pack–infiltrate a HYDRA base. This is the first *true* appearance of Neena Thurman A.K.A. Domino, as we’re soon to learn in a few issues that the woman we’ve known as Domino in the present has been an imposter this entire time! But in the past, we get to see the real Domino kick some butt and take some names along with her pals.

X-Force #11 (1992) – Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Mark Pacella, Dan Panosian, Steve Buccellato, and Chris Eliopoulos

This issue is a massive Deadpool and Domino throwdown! Except… it’s not actually Domino? Sadly, Rob Liefeld never drew the “real” Domino during his original run on X-Force because guest pencilers–Mike Mignola and Mark Pacella–had the honor of drawing Neena either in flashback or captivity. Instead of Neena, Wade Wilson tangles with Vanessa Carlysle A.K.A. Copycat, who’s been impersonating the lucky mutant under orders from the evil mutant Tolliver.

X-Force #15 (1992) – Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Capullo, Harry Candelario, Steve Buccellato, and Chris Eliopoulos

The real Domino is finally freed and starts throwing punches alongside Cable! Also, Deadpool is seemingly killed, but of course as we know now he’s basically immortal. As for Domino, there’s still a long way for the hero to go because she’s being portrayed as a thoroughly T’n’A character here with lines like “Deadpool’s sword sprung me” and Cable immediately propositioning her as soon as she’s released from her shackles.

X-Force #32 (1994) – Fabian Nicieza, Tony Daniel, Jon Holdredge, Marie Javins, and Chris Eliopoulos

Due to a combination of intrusive crossovers and slow-burn subplots, the real Neena Thurman wasn’t seen fighting alongside the other members of X-Force in their own series until this issue, released three years after The New Mutants #98! Other than this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about this issue for Domino, as it’s the first of a four part “Child’s Play” crossover with the New Warriors, Marvel’s other edgy team of young ’90s heroes.

Domino #1 (1997) – Ben Raab, David Perrin, Harry Candelario, Joe Rosas, and Comicraft

The cover blurb of this miniseries says it all: “X-Force’s most mysterious member in her 1st solo adventure!” Neena–now going by Beatrice for sentimental reasons–meets up with Puck from Alpha Flight, who spills the beans that her genius ex, Milo Thurman, is being held captive. This backstory-heavy tale sends Domino on an infiltration mission to save Milo, pitting her against the deadly Wolverine villain, Lady Deathstrike.

Domino #1 (2003) – Joe Pruett, Brian Stelfreeze, and John Costanza

The second series to carry Domino’s name delved even further into her backstory, introducing the mystery of her mother Beatrice and the program that birthed Neena, Project Armageddon. Here we learn that many young test subjects fell like dominos until one remained… who they named Domino? Yeah, it’s weird but that’s comics! Along with the convoluted backstory, this book features lots of cinematic action by Black Panther artist Brian Stelfreeze.

X-Force #9 (2009) – Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Mike Choi, Sonia Oback, and Cory Petit

Domino returns to the title that made her famous, but this is a decidedly different X-Force. Now they’re a black ops X-Men squad led by Wolverine, who has a seriously flirty thing going on with Neena. This begins a 20 issue run featuring the lucky mutant as a member of the new X-Force, utilizing some light narration from Domino as a P.O.V. character in a tale about securing a vial of the Legacy Virus.

Domino #1 (2018) – Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Jesus Aburtov, and Clayton Cowles

Will the third time time be lucky for Domino? Lining up with her cinematic debut, Marvel‘s launched a new Domino comic book with veteran Deadpool scribe Gail Simone on writing duties, seemingly intent on making this more than another miniseries. It’s certainly been a while since the spotlight has been on Neena and the critical response has been strong thus far.

Are you a huge Domino fan? Sad they haven’t made the comics version line up with Zazie Beets? Just really love 90’s comics? Let us know in the comments!

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