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8 Things We Learned Inside The RUNAWAYS Homes

Who doesn’t want to snoop around a superhero’s house? Well, back in September all of our investigative dreams came true when got to visit the set of Marvel‘s Runaways. Not only were we allowed to get a glimpse of the first two episodes and meet the cast, but we also got to explore the set and visit all of the Runaways’ homes. We even managed to explore the most important inner sanctums of any teenage hero–the bedroom! We collected all the data we could on these young tearaways and we’ve put it together right here so you can get a sneak peak into the minds of the team, Old Lace, and their nefarious parents.

Gert is a full on riot grrrl

A fan fave from the Runaways comics, Gert is the cynical, telekinetic daughter of the time traveling Yorkes who just happens to have a dinosaur sidekick. The thing that stuck out the most about Gert’s room was her clearly defined politics. The wall above her bed was covered in riot grrrl posters and flyers for feminist punk shows. Her book shelves held a mix political texts and radical sci-fi like Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild. That’s an inspired choice and likely a nod to her relationship with her pet Deinonychus, Old Lace, as the titular short story is about an insect-like race of aliens with an unexpected bond to newly arrived human colonizers.

Karolina is a dedicated member of the Church of Gibborim

The Runaways‘ only queer hero, Karolina is an intergalactic alien with the code name “Lucy in the Sky.” But from the quick tour we got of her room, her powers and personality are very much controlled by her evangelical mother, Leslie Dean. Karolina’s room was a vast pink palace, decorated as if it was a showroom rather than a haven for a teenage girl. Huge chandeliers and mirrors took center stage, but it was the minor details that really interested us. Karolina’s room was filled with trinkets from her mother’s celebrity Church of Gibborim, hinting that Karolina is the poster girl for the sinister organization.

Alex is the resident nerd

Alex Wilder is a super genius. He’s also the Runaways’ de facto leader, a role that it looks like he’ll reprise in the Hulu show. His room was a treasure trove of science books, video games, expensive sneakers–he wears a different pair each episode–and a lot of PEZ! Disney is really taking advantage of their multiple licenses here as the centerpiece of Alex’s room is a huge collection of Star Wars and Marvel PEZ dispensers. Featuring Rey, Chewie, BB-8, Cap, and Spidey, it’s clear we’re dealing with a passionate pop culture geek. He also has a huge poster of a tyrannosaurus rex, meaning he’ll likely be super stoked to meet Old Lace.

Chase is stuck between two worlds

On the surface, Chase Stein always seems like the most basic member of the Runaways. But he’s become one of the most beloved members of the team, his apparently perfect appearance hiding a troubled genius. Chase’s room was a distinct blend of science nerd and hardcore jock. The wall above his bed was a functional rock climbing wall, and he had two huge Tesla coils on either side of his room. His desk, which had been hastily cleaned before we entered, looked like he was in the midst of creating something fantastical… could it be his father’s weaponized gauntlets, fistigons?

Old Lace is MASSIVE

On our exhilarating tour of the Runaways’ world we got a sneak peek at Old Lace’s lair. Whilst exploring the concrete basement filled with tropical foliage that gave off some serious Jurassic Park vibes, we learnt that that Gert’s partner in crime is 13 feet long, taking up most of her living quarters. Old Lace’s room is set behind the Yorkes’ lab, which was filled with animal cages including one labeled “T. rex.” This family clearly has a thing for dinosaurs!

Nico is definitely a witch

Arguably the most beloved and iconic of the Runaways, in the comics Nico Minoru is now a fully fledged member of Doctor Strange’s Sorcerers Supreme, and it’s clear that her magical tendencies will be on full show in the adaptation. Nico’s room was a glamorous gothic cave, strung with black fabric, fairy lights, and plastered with spells, incantations, and sketches. Nico might also be a history buff: one of the scrawled phrases was “No One Touches Me Without Impunity,” which is a loose translation of a Latin phrase attributed to Caesar. It also happens to be the national motto of Scotland.

The Deans have a mysterious “Healing Room”

Adding to their already creepy appearance, the Deans have a secret Healing Room, which resembles the white room from 2001: A Space Odyssey, was one of the coolest and most unique set pieces we came across. The white room had floor tiles which lit up with a bright white light; you might even recognize this from the most recent trailer. Though we have an inkling of what the room might be for, we can’t reveal all yet! But the room was also filled with books from the Church of Gibborim, and a small table with martini glasses and a cocktail shaker on it.

Victor Stein is the evil Elon Musk

Chase’s dad Victor is a very modern mad scientist, and his warped vision of saving the world at any cost will seemingly be a large part of the show. We got to look around his cavernous garage that was filled with futuristic electric cars and screens displaying blueprints for his inventions, as well as a very important and sinister silver box from episode one, which cements Victor’s place as a top tier villain.

Who’s your favorite Runaway? Which bedroom are you most excited to explore once the show drops on Nov 21st? Did you learn anything new? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Hulu, Marvel

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