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8-Bit AVENGERS Assemble!

The 8-bit talented folks at CineFix have done it again. They’ve created a retro version of Marvel’s The Avengers movie and I’m ready to throw my rolls of quarters to play it.

CineFix’s version of The Avengers reminds me a bit of Castlevania with its sidescrolling platforming, expansive backgrounds, and sound effects. I also think it’s pretty damn awesome that they were able to recapture the action in the movie in 8-bit form when it came to the Battle of New York.

Take a look at the mini movie below:

I’m a bit sad that we didn’t see the shawarma scene at the end and that we didn’t get to hear Hulk roar “SMASH!” Overall, this 8-bit rendition has me fawning over how adorable each of the Avengers look. Someone get me a minfig set of everything in this video!

You can view more of CineFix’s retro movies, that include Mean Girls and Forrest Gump, on their YouTube channel.

What do you think of their take on The Avengers? Eager to see Guardians of the Galaxy in 8-bit? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Dean says:

    Forget shawarma – they definitely should’ve shown Hulk punching Thor.

  2. Gazzo says:

    No shawarma?? The it’s just round the block!!

  3. alpha says:

    very, very nice!

    great job

  4. Matt B says:

    Armi, you should be ashamed, given a pay reduction and a demotion.  This is CLEARLY Mega Man and in no way at all like Castlevania.  You disgrace the name Nerdist!  😀

  5. Rob says:

    a bit disappointed they skipped the shawarma scene.

  6. Eric says:

    Sorry I didn’t see the Castlevania reference in that game. However, it has mega-man written all over it. Still awesome though