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4 Characters Hannah John-Kamen Could Be in ANT-MAN AND THE WASP

With the casting announcement of Hannah John-Kamen in Marvel‘s upcoming sequel to their 2015 comedic heist hit Ant-Man, we’re already thinking of just who the Killjoys and Black Mirror alum could be in the wide world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whilst we think there’s one safe–gold hued–bet, it’s always fun to throw the fancast net a little wider. So here are our top four picks for which suit Hannah John-Kamen could be slipping into in next summer’s Ant-Man and the Wasp.


Rita DeMara – Yellowjacket

The guise of Yellowjacket has a long and convoluted history in comic book canon, first appearing as the mysterious third alter-ego of the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, after his turn as Giant-Man. A later incarnation of Yellowjacket, Rita DeMara, is a highly likely choice for Hannah John-Kamen’s new addition to the MCU. Debuting in Avengers #246, Rita was a career thief–much like Scott Lang in the first Ant-Man movie–who stole and updated one of Hank Pym’s Yellowjacket suits before helping the Masters of Evil takeover Avengers Mansion.

Rita DeMara later became a certified superhero, teaming up with a selection of Marvel heroes including Beast, Falcon, and Hulk to fight against the High Evolutionary in a time when the Avengers were inactive. DeMara even joined up with of the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point, and the addition of another character with cosmic connections would make a lot of sense just before the inevitable galactic battle that will be Avengers: Infinity War. Rita’s reluctant criminal career and eventual redemption makes her a perfect foil for Paul Rudd’s newly reformed Scott Lang, making her the safest bet for Hannah John-Kamen.


How does Ant-Man’s suit work?



The Marvel Universe’s strongest female character, Titania, would be a radical addition to the Ant-Man and the Wasp-verse. First introduced in Secret Wars #3, a middle issue of the now-notorious original Marvel crossover event, Titania (a.k.a. the Breaker of Men) has a wild backstory in the comics that includes one of Marvel’s most ferocious foes, Doctor Doom. The use of Titania and her super strength villainy would be a huge nod to some fan theories currently surrounding the status of Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four, and their potential entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bringing such a physically strong antagonist into play would potentially test the limits of Ant-Man and Wasp’s growth abilities, and likely pose a threat to the pair’s tech, and lives. Titania’s addition would make sense as she’s often tangled with many members of the existing MCU including Ant-Man and Wasp, who in the comics ended up capturing her, shrinking her, and imprisoning her in the maximum security supervillain penitentiary, the Vault. If John-Kamen does take on the mantle of Titania, it could get a lot of fans excited with the potential for the return of the Fantastic Four and a crossover with Netflix’s rumored She-Hulk series, as Titania is widely known as one of Jennifer Walters’ big bads.



An exciting but left field option would be Laynia Petrovna’s Darkstar. A recurring Avengers villain, Darkstar is from the oft-forgotten Soviet Super Soldiers–who’re possibly the evil super soldiers that Bucky was trying to stop in Captain America: Civil War–a Soviet-era team of heroes/villains (depending which side you were on) who battled many of the MCU’s most famous members in the pages of comics past. Darkstar’s another doubled-sided supervillain, who has fought alongside Marvel’s heroes at one time or another, even joining the Champions with Iceman.

Though Laynia Petrovna may seem like a strange choice, her power set fits the world of Ant-Man and the Wasp incredibly well. Darkstar gets her name from her ability to psionically connect and control the extra-dimensional Darkforce dimension. The first Ant-Man film opened up the possibilities of the Quantum Realm–otherwise known in the comics as the Microverse–a plane of existence that’s essentially very very small, reached by using Pym Particles to shrink down to molecular size. If the Ant-Man universe is already dealing in alternate dimensions, which were also introduced in Doctor Strange, it’s very likely that a dimension altering character like Darkstar would fit right in.

The most WTF-worthy comic moments ever!


Monica Rambeau

Though this is unlikely, and may well be a controversial casting decision, there’s always a chance that Hannah John-Kamen could be putting on the iconic white and black suit of Monica Rambeau, the original female Captain Marvel. Long before Carol Danvers went from Ms. to Capt., there was Monica Rambeau, a New Orleans lieutenant who whilst trying to protect and serve was exposed to extra dimensional energy, granting her the power to convert her body to energy and generally become one of the most badass superheroes of all time.

Monica was the first African-American woman to join–and eventually lead–the Avengers. Most importantly in this scenario, she fought alongside and was mentored by the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, later replacing her as the head of Marvel’s flagship crime fighting team. Though Marvel has already announced that they’ll bring Danvers to the screen as Captain Marvel, it’s not completely unbelievable that they could introduce Monica as either a legacy character, or more likely as her later incarnation, Spectrum. After the events of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers need a new leader. Monica and her cosmic capabilities could be a really great way of diversifying the top tier of Marvel’s onscreen heroes, whilst paying respect to the impact of the first female Captain Marvel.

Who do you want to see join the Ant Man universe? Which of these deep cut characters would you love to see on screen? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Marvel Comics/Disney

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