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The Internet’s Best Reactions to the Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Senate Hearing

You’d think being the fifth richest person in the world would mean you could do whatever you want whenever you want. Turns out, however, if your social media website sold out its users’ data so their personal information could be mined by an evil company working on behalf of a dictatorship to install their chosen candidate as the leader of the free world by individually exploiting voters worst fears, well then it’s a whole thing.

But having to answer some ineffective questions by a group of mostly confused old white men who don’t know how to turn on their computers isn’t all that terrible. But you know what is bad? Getting roasted by the entire internet for your awkward, robotic testimony to the United States senate. Because while Mark Zuckerberg had to answer for his Facebook‘s serious breaches of trust and amoral business decisions, plenty of people had fun with it. So to briefly ignore the horrible dystopian implications it all had for our future, and to give ourselves a temporary reprieve from the never-ending nightmare of the modern world, here are the best reactions to his testimony.

Mark Zuckerberg: Definitely a Real Human

Does This Look “Suit” Him?

When your normal look is a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, and you aren’t exactly known for your warmth, it can be jarring for people to suddenly see you in a suit trying to appear professional.

Haven’t We Seen This Before?

Zuckerberg had a very famous hearing we’ve all seen, right?

Not Great, Senators!

Zuckerberg might not have even had the worst performance during the hearing. That (dis)honor goes to the Senators who seemed to be in way over their heads talking about how Facebook was weaponized.

We Chose Poorly

A theory: Facebook is bad and we should have chosen another platform to post cat videos.

Of course we all know who the joke is really on: all of us.

Well….that’s sad. Even more depressing though? We still want you to share this on Facebook.

What was the best reaction you saw to today’s hearing? Hit like on it and post it to our comments section below.

More of the Internet’s Best Reactions

Image: Facebook Live

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