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The Internet’s Best Reactions to SUPER SMASH BROS. Coming to the Switch

Finally, our long national video game nightmare is over, because Super Smash Bros. is coming back! And this time it’s coming to the Switch. That’s the kind of news Nintendo could have announced on the back of a half-used napkin without proper grammar or even a whole sentence (“Smash Bros; back/Switch”) and we would have lost our minds. But instead they gave us this epic teaser.

“They should have sent a poet.”

But even better than a lyrical ode, we got the internet, and it did not disappoint. As you’d imagine, Twitter had some amazing, hilarious, over-the-top reactions to this announcement and its surprise trailer. So to celebrate this unbelievable news we put together some of our favorites.

This next one is NSFW, and also NSFWii lovers.

The best is when multiple people make the same ridiculous reference, as though only two things truly matter: Super Smash Bros. and steamed hams.

Another NSFW one…

Find yourself someone who reacts to you the way these people reacted to a Smash on the Switch. (NSFW, and also turn down the volume—dramatically—if you’re listening on headphones.)

But it was our own Dan Casey who truly captured why this news is so amazing, because it means the return of the single most important figure in the entire history of Nintendo, and maybe even the world.

Let’s. Do. This.

Or rather, “Waaaaaa!”

What was the best, funniest reaction you saw to this epic announcement? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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