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CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Teaser Created the Hilarious #PoohSays Meme

The first teaser for Disney‘s upcoming movie Christopher Robin, a new live-action film starring Ewan McGregor as our favorite child from the Hundred Acre Wood who has grown up to become an overworked adult, elicited a wave of tender reactions from anyone who watched it, because at the end of this first peek, a forlorn Christopher is stunned to encounter his old friend Winnie the Pooh, in a touching moment that transported generations of fans back to their childhood.

And before our eyes were even dry the internet immediately turned it into the hilarious meme #PoohSays.

Because as much as hearing Winnie the Pooh’s distinct sweet voice made us tear up, we weren’t the only ones who giggled a little at how inherently funny it is to greet a talking bear with an earnest “Pooh.”

We couldn’t possibly love Winnie the Pooh anymore than we do, but we can’t deny his name is funny. Which is why it was ripe for some internet silliness, which started when Twitter user JTEmoviethinks spawned the #PoohSays meme, which replaces our favorite little bear’s response with some famous lines from other well-known characters. (Though maybe throw on some headphones if you are at the office, because some of these are NSFW.)

But why only limit yourself to Winnie the Pooh’s response when you can also take advantage of Ewan McGregor’s role in the film.

Of course, who needs the actual clip when you already have the best Winnie the Pooh footage ever.

Winnie the Pooh is the best, but sometimes the internet is pretty great too.

What would be the funniest line for the #PoohSays meme? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Disney

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