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An Epic Cat Battle Inspires the Best Photoshops

There’s no shortage of cat videos and pictures online, so it takes something really memorable for these felines to break out from the pack. But a recent cat fight photo has sparked a Photoshop battle on Reddit that’s turned it into a clash of the titans. Via Mashable, here’s the original picture that was taken by a staff photographer for the Japanese newspaper, Kumanichi.

These two orange tabbies remind us of Puss in Boots, and that black cat in the background could be their Kitty Southpaws. We believe it’s the strike to the throat that makes this picture so memorable. And it’s led to some very funny edits of the original pic. And we might as well start with the Mortal Kombat inspired pics.


Cat wins. Fatality!


And now for a little old school Star Wars. Because, if this is a consular ship, then where is the ambassador?


Someone’s a big fan of Pantera. This editor even changed the colors to better match the cover of Pantera’s  album, Vulgar Display of Power.

Vulgar Display Of Pawer

In the ring of life, you can be Rocky and the cat can be Apollo Creed.


This cat brought a knife to a claw fight.


And finally, this cat is every bully ever.


You can find more of these edits at the original source on Reddit.

What do you think about this cat battle? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: DreamWorks Animation

We can never get enough memes.

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