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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is Hilariously Confusing Cats in the Real World

As anyone who has ever owned multiple cats can tell you, domestic felines don’t tend to meow at each other. That vocal interaction is solely reserved for their human caretakers. However, that doesn’t mean that cats can’t recognize a meow when they hear it, even within the context of a video game.

Capcom’s recently released Monster Hunter: World has a few feline-like sidekicks called Palicos, which communicate via meow. And Japanese gamers are capturing some very amusing pictures and videos of their cats getting freaked out by the sounds coming from their screens.

Via Kotaku, it’s almost impossible not to laugh at these adorable cats as they try to understand how to interact with their computer generated counterparts.

The expression on this cat’s face is priceless.

This young kitten doesn’t seem to be able to trust his own ears, as he tries to determine where the cries are coming from.

And this pair of felines aren’t completely convinced that the cat on the screen isn’t simply hiding behind it.

These cats are clearly able to recognize the Palicos as something similar to themselves, and it’s activated their natural curiosity.

This kitty is also having a hard time looking away from the monitor as she tracks the movements of the Palico.

At the moment, there don’t appear to be many American videos of cats reacting to Monster Hunter: World‘s feline side, but we suspect that will change fairly quickly. This is a trend that is far too adorable for international borders.

What do you think about the cat response to Monster Hunter: World? Feel free to purr or hiss in the comment section below.

Image: Capcom

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