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ZOOTOPIA and Key & Peele’s KEANU Spoof Oscar Posters With Fuzzy Animals

Zootopia is a world just like ours, only with animals–even down to the Oscar nominees that the various furred creatures will claim not to care about, then get all worked up when a given favorite doesn’t win. Then pretend that it didn’t matter anyway, because they’re meaningless. Until next year, when they’ll root for faves to be nominated again.

Will matriarchal species be upset that “Mad Yax” doesn’t feature “Furry-osa” on the poster?


Where do zebras fall on the Oscar diversity issue? And how do gay otters feel about this title?


Is it just me, or does this actually look a lot like Steve Carell and his prosthetic schnozz in Foxcatcher (which was probably not a popular titlle with Zootopians)?


Meanwhile, along the same lines, Key and Peele only have one cute animal in their upcoming film Keanu, but they’ve put him in everything, poster-wise.


You just know we’d get the kitty home quicker than Matt Damon.

Check out all the Zootopia and Keanu Oscar parody posters in our gallery below. What’s missing? Cow-rol? 45 Bears? Son of Saultwater? Spotlion? Creek? I’m sure the animals are more interested whether or not Chris Rockfish makes jokes about whether bee hives matter.

What’s your favorite parody poster below? What obvious choice did they miss that you have the perfect pun for? Speak up, neigh up, meow or roar–unlike #@midnight, we can’t give points, but you can earn bragging rights of the comments section.


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