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FROZEN Easter Egg Found in ZOOTOPIA

In recent years it has become the goal of some die-hard Disney fans to prove once and for all that every Disney film is connected in some way. Through Easter eggs, similarities in style, and even some shot-in-the-dark guesses, the case for a “Unified Disney Universe” is pretty solid at times. It’s become such a popular idea that one has to wonder if it’s something that’s always been planned or if it’s that the filmmakers are now purposely feeding into the theories as a nod to their super-fans. We’d like to think it’s a combination of both.

It seems that even the upcoming Zootopia will have its fair share of Easter eggs, and one has already been spotted. An image released for the film depicts a part of city called “Tundratown” that’s covered in ice and snow. The image sports all the icy puns you’d come to expect in a Disney film.

Polar bears ride ice floes and buildings named Bering, Chill Out, Blubber Chef, and Thaw pepper the landscape. But if you direct your attention to the lower left of the image, you’ll see a family of elephants walking in some distinctly familiar clothing. [NERDIST COMPUTER, ENHANCE IMAGE!]


Those two little darling pachyderms are dressed exactly like Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen! Does this mean that the movie exists in their world and these two are adorable fans? Or is it that Zootopia is also connected to the rest of the Disney universe?

This will likely spark many different theories so let’s get out ahead and make some of our own. Here are some possibilities.

  • Normal Disney Punny-ness: Maybe we’ll see animal-centric posters for Wall-Eye and Pig Hero 6
  • Alternate Dimensions: Those elephants actually are Anna and Elsa but in this world they only have one parent because the boat had weight restrictions.
  • Planet of the Apes:  Ok, hear us out. This one would be similar to the Pixar theory where the world has gone to crap. This is the midway point between Wall-E and Cars. Humans have left the world behind after ruining it and animals (who are already pretty sentient in the Disney world to begin with) step up and evolve using the existing infrastructure that we abandoned. There is, at some point, an animal remake of everything we did as people so there IS a version of Frozen that was re-done with animal counterparts and those children are just being awesome kids dressing like their favorite movie characters.

Or maybe we’re over-thinking it.

Let us know what you think of the easter egg in the comments below!

HT: Entertainment Weekly
Images: Disney

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