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You’ve Got Moxxi, Kid! Jessica Nigri Hosts BORDERLANDS Cosplay Meetup at Nerdist Laser Tag

In case Max Tension didn’t scare some sense into you with his Nerdist Laser Tag pro-tips and your brain wasn’t melted by our incredible, custom-designed TeeFury t-shirts, then perhaps this will pique your Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel-tinged interest: cosplayer extraordinaire Jessica Nigri is teaming up with Nerdist, 2K, and Gearbox to join the laser-powered festivities at Petco Park on Saturday, July 26th at 12PM! And to show you how excited she is, Jessica recorded a personalized message that you can watch above. “It’s like the ultimate senpai noticed me.” You can say that again, Jessica, and believe you me, we’ve taken notice.

You’ve seen Jessica transform into the sauciest, most badass bartender on Pandora as Mad Moxxi before, but now she’s going to be rocking one of the first-ever Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel cosplays as Moon Moxxi (with a costume built by Jessica LG)! Same awesome character, sweet new threads! Everybody wins. And to sweeten the pot, we’re hosting a very special Nerdist Laser Tag match for Borderlands cosplayers, so bring out your Claptraps, your Tiny Tinas, your Zer0s, your Handsome Jacks, and, hell, even your Bonerfarts. If you’ve got some killer Borderlands cosplay, we want to see it. Who knows? There might be some exclusive prizes that only you can win!

So, remember, Vault Hunters: make it a point of order to put on your Borderlands best and mosey on down to Petco Park (right across the street from the convention center) this Saturday, July 26 at 12PM to hang out with Jessica Nigri and then fire lasers at each other until your eyes fall out.

What Borderlands cosplay will you be rocking? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Anders says:

    She sounds a bit like Tiny Tina 😀 Gz on Senpai spotting ya Jessica 🙂

  2. James says:

    Ugh! Lame

  3. Merry says:

    Excuse me whilst I cry because I’m stuck in the UK. Enjoy!

  4. Jon says:

    any tickets or would it be walk on?