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Episode 8: You Made It Weird
Jim Gaffigan

You Made It Weird #8: Jim Gaffigan

Pete gets weird with one of his favorite comedians who, amongst other weirdnesses, is a delightful breath of God-believing fresh air. It’s super crispy!

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  1. kt says:

    @Ben Black

    “It might make thigs weirder if he called the guests on their shit now and again though.”

    YES! That is my one complaint about this podcast. Holmes seems way too agreeable and nice. I’ve rolled my eyes several times at what I perceived as butt kissing. The guests seem to control the interviews…which I guess is fine for now, but that’s not gonna hold up in the long term.

    I started listening to this because I like Pete Holmes. I’d hate for it to become a podcast that I listen to strictly based on what guest he has.

    That said, I don’t want him to become a dick either. I guess I’d just enjoy a bit more confidence in himself as a host.

  2. Jo says:

    what is “whats up hot dog” I listened to the whole episode and didn’t hear Jim or Pete say it once.
    Please someone help explain this to me!

    PS: My cunt smells like one of these message icons to the left of this comment died of leparcy in there.
    I had a guy go down on me and two seconds later he was out my door.
    So Please tell me how to fix that as well as what is up with hot dog

  3. Craig Anderson says:

    Whats up hotdog!

  4. Sean says:

    I get Gaffigan’s point about intelligent non-believers responding as,”what, you believe in God? Okay…” (automatically dismiss anything you disagree with that they say afterwards). It’s obnoxious, and often is atheists taking out their anger on the wrong people. But really, whose fault is this?

    Christians built this nation, its laws, its social cues, EVERYTHING around a religion that they tried to shove down everyone else’s throats. They used it justify EVERY SHITTY THING THEY DID.

    Now those “bedrock truths” , that they used to claim (and some still do) underlie any opinions / decisions / judgments they make are somehow not up for debate? And you expect people to be civil? Remember most opponents of religion feel harmed or alienated from it in some way.

    I guess my point is, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t speak as a moral authority and point to some obtuse scriptural interpretations to justify it, then claim that it’s unfair of people to attack those bedrock beliefs. If you ask me why I’m pro-choice, I’ll probably use arguments based in women’s rights, poverty, etc. Feel free to attack the merits of these arguments! I won’t complain.

    BTW, I was raised Catholic – can ya tell a lil bit? Gaffigan seems like a great and intelligent guy, but many like him in my family feel that somehow Catholics are persecuted. Well, I guess persecution means going from everyone agreeing with you to only like, half of people agreeing with you.

  5. Jake says:

    This episode was great, I love this podcast, but I can’t wait until Pete Holmes interviews Mike Birbiglia, because it would be two comedians just complimenting each other for an hour and a half.

  6. Alex Jensen says:

    Whats up hot dog!

  7. Ben Black says:

    I maybe laid on the snark a bit too thick up top. That was sort of a throwaway comment at the end of the ep (though he did offer to come back and talk about it at length). The show up to then is a good listen, and I like Pete’s style and dig this show. It might make thigs weirder if he called the guests on their shit now and again though.

  8. art says:

    Whats up hot dog

  9. kt says:

    Jeez.. I am a bleeding heart liberal atheist and knew exactly what Gaffigan meant. It wasn’t at all out of line.

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend that white Christian men with some cash in the bank talk about being discriminated against often, but it made sense in context…he was CLEARLY talking about his experiences among his peers in the comedy world. That’s it. He also mentioned his mentioned his senate candidacy. 🙂

    Also, where were you whiny folks last episode with Neal Brennan? That was some of the most elitist and misogynistic bullshit I’ve heard in awhile. Gaffigan made me think. Brennan made me want to barf.

  10. Al says:

    Amrehlu, it’s not that bad, and Gaffigan didn’t come across as preachy or evangelistic. It was just his opinion on a topic that came up in the last 10 minutes. Just his anti-positivist, straw-man atheism rejection, misapplication of the word “arrogance”, opinion.

  11. Amrehlu says:

    Well shit, just reading the comments made me not wanna watch this, I thought the last episode was bad, but this sounds not at all like a good thing…

  12. Springjack says:

    Christians are oppressed in the US- said the white, blue eyed male. I suppose it must be true, because I just lost all respect I had for the man.

  13. Dr. Greg Daniels says:

    Just listened to the eppy and all i have to say is…Whats up hot dog!

  14. Greg Johnson says:

    Whats up hot dog!

  15. John Fisher says:

    Whats up hot dog

  16. Hot Saucerman says:

    Whats up hot dog!

    Dip Dip Dip Wow

  17. bish says:

    I loves me some Gaffigan, but yeah, I gotta agree….white male christians really need to catch a break in this country….

  18. Abbey says:

    I don’t think he means it in that they are “discriminated against”, but that it has become the cool thing to shit on religious people. And it’s not just “haha they believe on god how stoopid”. It’s malicious comments that are said specifically to degrade and hurt the person on a spiritual level. Obviously, there are religious people with the same attitude and make the same comments, but an eye for an eye just makes everyone blind in the end.

    Which is why I am going to run for senator.

  19. Al says:

    Yeah, it’s all about context. If you are in the median family income working normal jobs with a median educational level, then there is no Christian persecution. The resistance is in favor of status quo.

    If you work in the entertainment industry, particularly in stand up, it’s a different story.

  20. Deeznuts says:

    He may feel that way beacuse so many comedians are Atheists. I can imagine him being a minority in that crowd.

  21. Ben Black says:

    And this week’s award for Unbelievably Delusional Sentiment goes to…

    Jim Gaffigan, for claiming that white Christians are discriminated against in this country! Congratulations, Jim!