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Episode 63: You Made It Weird
Greg Behrendt

You Made It Weird #63: Greg Behrendt

We don’t care it’s a holiday, weirdos! Here’s a hot and fresh YMIW for you to enjoy on your roadtrip to watch explosions in the sky (fireworks, not the band. maybe the band.). Greg Behrendt! (Walking the Room podcast, comedy, instrumental ska!) He came in! He made it weird! HE MADE IT GREAT. You make it possible. Well, that’s kind of true. I mean, we did it, but if you didn’t listen WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT? Please enjoy, you 4th of July weirdos!!

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  1. jimjim says:

    well done Pete! well done Greg! what a great conversation. Plenty lol moments and real words of wisdom.

    i laughed when you were talking Weezer taking off from the Pixies, and Pete said “I liked Weezer more. I’m not, like, a cool person”. loved the way you said it

  2. I was so excited for this one to drop and I was NOT disappointed! You guys are a hurricane together. I was rapt with sheer delight in it.
    I want to weep when Greg talks about leaving standup. He’s been one of my favorites since I was a wee college kid. He’s still so energetic and enchanting on stage. But he’s a guitar god when he plays with Reigning Monarchs, so he’s got to be who he needs to be.

    Pete actually kept up, which is amazing because Greg has the focus of a monkey in a shit factory. Kudos, Petie! I love you both. I’m sure I’ll listen to this a few times.

  3. DS says:

    Hilarious and insightful chat between two great comedians. Love the discussions about creativity and learning to just be who (and where) you are.

  4. ian says:

    2 of my fav podcasters on the same podcast. Listened to it twice in a row. You hit so many great topics. Some stuff really hit home with me (giving up the sweet bachelor life, bad relationships). But the line that made me smile was “You need to remember me.” The perfect thing to say at that moment.

    Also, it is unclear as to why one gots to go corndoggin’ when they know they got frien.

  5. Kass says:

    Love Greg. Good work, Team Super High Energy.

    “I just want to smoother the radar with my naked body.” – Pete keeps it classy, all day, every day.

    I used to have this jazz teacher who highly encouraged stealing whenever possible. He regularly called it the highest form of flattery in music. I totally bought in and still love that idea. But the nature of good improvised jazz is that something new happens every time and there’s some cool back and forth and exchange, so I don’t know how transferable it is to other more permanent arts.

    Also, I do the same thing you guys do but with dudes. Mostly nerd dudes. Really great to hear other people just own that enjoyment.

    And, oh man, Helen’s the worst.

  6. McFeely says:

    Greg was one of my early favorite comedians and still is, I love Walking the Room, can’t wait to listen.

  7. Mandy says:

    Love Greg! He is so funny and talented; it’s a shame he is considering to leave the comedy scene.

  8. Gene says:

    Thank goodness Pete was able to slide a Chelsea reference in there near the end. It was starting to look like Greg would be the only one to drop her name.

  9. nick says:

    “don’t imitate, interpret” is so SO amazing of a quote. love it, love show, keep at it.

  10. Lucia says:

    This Weirdo from Buenos Aires wants to know if Katie is OK now, after that south american carnival fiasco. I’m sorry we did that to you.
    Hope you got that Swedish back rub.

  11. sarah says:

    “Just think of what you say when you’re in the kitchen and you’re going behind another waiter…’Behind You’.” #thisisafreepodcast 😀

  12. Roman says:

    Hey Pete,

    Great episode, love the talk about creativity vs. thievery

    In my real person profession (architect) we go by:

    “Don’t imitate, interpret.” quote!