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Episode 58: You Made It Weird
Ron Funches

You Made It Weird #58: Ron Funches

Is there anyone better than Ron Funches (Conan)?!?! Pete says no. So dive into the bliss of this joyful and wonderful man who remains a sunshiney pleasure, even as the topics get dark and weird. DARK AND WEIRD. Like the thigh meat on a unicorn, guys. ALT HACK ALERT!! UNICORN! YES!!

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Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

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THE SENIOR CLASS is a Beautiful Animated Film with an Ugly Message (Fantasia Review)

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  1. allison says:

    You two are a delight!

    I also love Ron’s thoughts on “work” – very insightful.

  2. Ben says:

    Pete: You can make your own commercial for Hall’s where people are like “Hey man, you haven’t been laughing as hard” and your like “no… I’m fine *wheeze wheeze ha*” Then you look over at the bag of halls and pop one in then it does the smack zoom to your adam’s apple then some crazy fantasy then an over the shoulder shot of you doing your podcast and your ridiculous warm hug of a laugh and a guest like Chelsea giving you that “Oh God it’s Back” look.

  3. jukejointoperastar says:

    i love podcasts the joy in your voices was tangible u r both very introspective and good at describing peoples inner angst. there is something higher than just being human and you both are higher forms than are right there is something good coming for both of you,grab the brass ring guys it is there for you

  4. Eric O. says:

    Has tj miller become the new go to reference? What happened to Chelsea? To many complaints about you referencing her to much? Either way I’m loving all of your “free podcasts”! Thanks!

  5. Josh says:

    “Free podcast? Free podcast? This still a free podcast?” — getting a kick out of that running gag!

    Did I just write, “getting a kick out of that running gag”? Let me check — Yep. Sure did.

    Great episode Pete! What a great discussion! Hilarious, and fascinating. “I was gonna ask you about pain and anger.” “I saw that on your notes, right next to ‘weed’.” (ensuing laughter) “This one says, ‘love self massage’.” (more laughter) It’s Holmes’ for the win! Such awesome silliness.

  6. tomwiththeweather says:

    so i’m a pale nervous kid who sometimes musters up the stamina to blurt jokes into open mics in portland. i’ve never kicked it with ron but everyone in town clearly loves him ecstatically and recognizes that he’s setting the bar on stage and off. one of those dudes who you just want to see win at everything, also just the baddest joke writer in town. now he’s moving to LA… maybe he’ll do for portland what steven wright did for boston… anyways this podcast is goddamn great and i love it a goddamn lot and listen to it goddamn constantly. all us new kids are paying attention. keep paving that road, holmes.

  7. Chris says:

    Nice! Looking forward to it….

  8. Deeznuts says:

    Nice to see you putting more people of color on the show. Your universal perspective is translating well. People are weird no matter the race. 🙂

  9. Pete Holmes says:

    thanks everyone!! glad you enjoyed. chris, if i do you know i’ll talk about it on the show. HONEY FUNCHES 4LIFE!

  10. Chris says:

    After this show, you are officially my favorite podcast Pete! I love how you are able to weave comedy around interesting topics like “spirituality” (sorry for lack of a better word) meditation and mushrooms!

    By the way, doing just a bit of mushrooms and meditating is the way to go!!! Seriously… it…..

    Thanks for the great show!

  11. Kass says:

    “…I wrote down “heteronormative”… do you know what that means?”

    ^Side spliter^

    Good stuff. Just sweetness.

  12. asdf says:

    Are they talking about Rory Scovel?

  13. jimjim says:

    great episode Pete! thank you Ron! i liked what you guys were talking about at the end in regards to “work”. i think a lot of people nowadays have boring/unsatisfying jobs, and need creative outlets. It’s too bad so many ways to make money are mindless at this point.