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Episode 254: You Made It Weird
Shane Mauss Returns

You Made It Weird #254: Shane Mauss Returns

Shane Mauss returns to make it weird again!

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Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

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  1. Binger says:


    • Dan says:

      This is better than I imagined it. 
      Really excellent episode man. I hadn’t heard of you before this but I am a fan as of today. Save some of that foot juice for a rainy day.  

    • Matt says:

      Tell Pete to get Sam Harris on the show.

  2. barf says:

    This is one the best pocast episodes EVER!
    Loved every second, and hope that Shane returns for a 3 part.
    Pete, you are the best, thanks for this amazing podcast. 
    Does anyone have a picture of the dancing lady?? 

  3. Josh says:

    “You won’t have to go to the mall anymore” will one day be the “Got Milk?” of the legalized weed industry. 
    Also, somebody needs to write a sequel to Footloose — make Kevin Bacon an aging retiree who moves to a small country town with a major moisture problem, and just want everyone to dance again. Then maybe, just maybe, the song that’s been stuck in my head since yesterday can actually be a real thing, and not imaginary. “Footjuice! Footjuice! Everybody’s got footjuice!” It won’t stop. Just, over and over again. It’s the price I pay for a free podcast, I guess. And having much of my childhood in the 80s. 
    Anyway, what an entertaining conversation! Those are some seriously crazy stories!

  4. Dee says:

    This is hands down the best group of stories i have ever heard on a podcast. i am crying laughter at work!!!

  5. MH says:

    Pete! I disliked this episode sooo much. Shane is so calloused towards everyone he mentions, the fact that young gay are WAY more likely to be murdered (as the sex worker in first story was), his glib attitude toward a woman being beaten (so much so that he happily bro-ed down with the husband after), and how funny he thought is was that a man was raped for fun – all made me super disappointed that you even tolerated this guy throughout the whole interview. I’ve never wanted to turn a podcast off more, this guy was seriously unthoughtful and clearly could give a shit about anyone else’s experience. So glad he walked away from all those vulnerable folks being exploited and harmed with a good story to laugh at. Totally makes it acceptable. C’mon Pete. And right after Richard Rohr….

    • HereToStay says:

      Reddit, please go away.

    • Barf says:

      Ugh, you are the most annoying person ever. Grow up, He wasn’t offensive at all. 

    • Shane Mauss says:

      And can you believe that he made light of a man with juice coming out of his foot?!  Foooooot Juuuuiiiiiiiicccce!

    • Dan says:

      What? WHAT? Are you kidding me? So, first of all, I want you to ALWAYS REMEMBER for the rest of your life that you are never, ever, ever allowed to make light of any situation that could potentially be hurtful to anyone else. That old man who slips and falls on a banana peel? Don’t smile. The guy who gets drunk and shits himself and breaks out two teeth on a picnic table. Don’t you dare. He was vulnerable at the time. Doesn’t matter what the situation is – we don’t delineate between funny and hurtful anymore. You play it safe from now on, ok? There’s no such thing as dark or gallows humor for you. Things are either definitely funny (like with farting noises or maybe a slide whistle so you know FOR SURE) or very serious. Callousness is only for the worst of humanity and not what some would view as a “things are so bad that the only left to do is laugh” mentality. 
      Some might say that you’re super self-righteous and a fucking moron but you know the truth. People are hurt by this type of humor because, despite the fact that some male prostitute is making terrible decisions that have nothing to do with him being gay, or some drunk idiot gets slapped around by her equally retarded husband or another drunk idiot decides to fuck a gross prostitute in front of a crowd and gets a banana stuck in his butt for his troubles, these people were VULNERABLE. Not bad decision makers or Darwin Award recipients or simply morons – no they need our sympathy. Because the world revolves around making room for dumbfucks in our collective empathy baskets. Who gives a shit about kids who get raped and entire african villages butchered with sharpened human femurs – let’s make sure to get equally offended by this podcast too. You dummy. 

      • MH says:

        Yeah, I’m just a real self-righteous dummy. Or maybe I’m just a reasonable person who feels bad for the kinds of people who get put in hard situations and then have to put their lives at risk sucking dick or being the the bait for some sort of banana-assplay-theatre. People don’t usually become prostitutes because their lives are so great and they have lots of other options, but being fucked by creeps for money just seems too fun to pass up. They’re usually runaways from shitty families or gay teens who got thrown out of their homes for being gay. But I guess they’re getting what they deserve, even if that’s murder. And the fact that Mauss spent more time feeling bad for the guy that THREW SOMEONE OUT OF A MOVING CAR, than the kid who got killed in a pretty gruesome way makes perfect sense.

        I get it, the stories are bizarre and dark, and even funny at times – but Mauss doesn’t seem even a little concerned that the people who keep getting the short end of the stick are those at the bottom of the food chain. Their seems to be a subtle implication in his glibness that some lives are worth less than others, gay men
        and women namely. And yeah, call me sensitive, but is that the worst thing in the world? I love this podcast, I listen to it every week, I just didn’t like this guest – and I think for some pretty fair reasons. I never said I was offended, just that I didn’t like this episode  – it also doesn’t help that I don’t think he mentioned one woman who wasn’t a prostitute or being beaten, and spoiler alert : I’m a lady. So that’s not going to endear me to him.

        Most of the stories told were not even his! They were second hand, as told by somebody else – he wasn’t even there. Sorry Shane, you seem like a nice enough guy, but get some self-awareness – observing how wacky or trashy the rest of the world is without insight or compassion isn’t interesting comedy. It’s the equivalent of the having a conversation with the Florida Man tumblr.

        • Shane Mauss says:

          They were stories about how horrifying those things were and trying to get through and process it all while hitting rock bottom.  Not a story about how  great it is when gays or women get bashed.  That much should have been pretty obvious too anyone.  But what do I know?  
          By the way, ONE story was told second hand (with permission) and was made clear that it was second hand.  Here is the 1st hand account for comparison: 
          And I still don’t understand how someone can just go joking around about having juice come out of a foot.  I mean, don’t they know there is a person suffering?!  FOOOOOOOOOOOOT JUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIICCCCEEEE!

        • Shane Mauss says:

          I’m glad you are an empathic person.  If you would like to show how much you care, you can go to my podcast and take a look at this weeks charity The Human Rights Campaign.  Or you can choose from any of the other weeks’ charities.  While you are there, you can find some thoughtful ideas on the subjects you are concerned about with some of the brightest minds in the country.
          Normally I know my negativity bias well enough to not get distracted by the ONE negative comment by someone who clearly is experiencing a disconnect and I’m not their cup of tea.  Hell, I don’t like myself a lot of the time.  But calling someone pro murder, homophobia, wife beating, and rape is a pretty heavy accusations.  And more importantly, completely missing the point of the entire story.

        • MH says:

          What can I say Shane, I just found this episode hard to listen to – and I love listening to YMIW. Maybe this bunch of stories in particular comes from a different time in your life and isn’t representative of you or your work as a whole, but it’s my only experience of you. And hearing all that was upsetting to me, not even necessarily because of the events, but because it just seemed like the people you were talking about were given so little dignity. I don’t think you’re pro murder or homophobia or domestic violence, and I do get that this was ultimately a story about you reaching a realization – but I still felt that you were talking from a pretty fortunate position about the lives of people who will probably (or already did) meet shittier ends, a lot of them just because of where and when they were born. It did sort of all feel like you were treating it like one big joke, and I just didn’t feel good laughing at it. I’ve never left a comment on an episode before, it’s not really my thing, but I just felt kind of strongly about it – which was surprising even to me. But again, you’re right, I’m just one person and there are a whole list of people here that loved this episode, so who knows?

  6. Gregor says:

    First half: crazy and captivating stories from the physical world.
    Second half: crazy and captivating stories from the metaphysical world.
    This episode is in my top 2 all time favorite podcasts – and I’ve been listening to podcasts for 10 years!
    I was captivated in the moment from the minute it started to the final “Avoid moisture. And keep it crispy.”
    Thank you Shane for being an awesome psychedelic explorer and an awesome story teller.
    And thank you Pete for coming along for the ride and relating to the stories. I felt like Shane was talking to me because I was reacting in almost the same ways you were reacting as the story unfolded.

  7. Josh says:

    Holy crap this was hilarious. Thank you Pete.

  8. Broadcty says:

    i’ll just leave this here

  9. Alan says:

    I had similar experiences on salvia. About 10 years ago I did lots of hallucinogens for personal purposes. Mostly self reflection and meditation. But a few times into the salvia trips it was like looking into our universe through my eyes but as a being from a different universe. It was like I was an alien trying on a human for a few minutes. There is definitely some kind of other realm these drugs take us to that actually exists somewhere, somehow. Try it Pete. Knowing it’s there is one thing but seeing it is way more interesting. I’ve never experienced dmt though. GREAT PODCAST BTW.

  10. Jerry flop says:

    This dude has the best laugh hahah..  Its like that uninhibited laugh that people have when they are tripping really hard.  Good ep.

  11. JonMcPain says:

    Listening to this podcast made me realize that I am not a person that could take hallucinogens.  I was consumed by this podcast while I was working.  A coworker was saying my name, he says, 5 times to get my attention.  I snap out of it and say “does any of it really matter”  This is some next level shit.

  12. mike says:

    Best episode ever in my opinion. So funny and so intriguing. I could listen to the stories about dmt forever o_o it sounded so unreal and amazing!

  13. Andrew says:

    Majority of the episode I was thinking there was no way I wouldn’t be upset not hearing how he broke his feet and lo and behold I was wrong.

  14. Andy says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! I do comedy in south texas and I know footjuice famous!!!!!!!!

  15. Spencer says:

    Goddamn I love this show. That was so deeply fascinating and entertaining. I feel like I lived through the whole Texas story and then did DMT.

  16. Nick says:

    Holy shit.  I was completely enthralled during this entire episode.