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Episode 252: You Made It Weird
Rob Huebel

You Made It Weird #252: Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital! Human Giant! Comedy!) makes it weird!

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Judging HARRY POTTER Wands By How Aesthetically Pleasing They Are

Judging HARRY POTTER Wands By How Aesthetically Pleasing They Are

Schlock & Awe: Chuck Norris in INVASION U.S.A.

Schlock & Awe: Chuck Norris in INVASION U.S.A.


Was THE SIMPSONS' "Homer at the Bat" Lineup Really That Good?



  1. Apparently Rob Huebel met Chief Wiggum and he works for the LAPD.

  2. Anna says:

    When Pete says “and Val lives here” I immediately thought he meant Val Kilmer. Like he has a picture of his dad Val Kilmer and acts like he lives there with him. Forgot it was his lovely lady friend.

  3. Piper says:

    I used to own a wolf-husky. Terrible decision, he couldn’t be left alone or locked in crates. We caught him on video several times of him breaking out. It was chaos. Since I worked so much it wasn’t right for me to keep him so I gave him to some friends who had someone who was home most of the day. It was a very painful and uncomfortable experience but it was better for the dog which is how I justified it. lol

  4. Josh says:

    My Uneasy Chair came with a Nottoman. So when I lean back, not only do I get to feel like I’m falling over, I also get to rest my feet on nothing.

  5. Bradford says:

    I love Katie, Pete, and Nerdist!!! They do such a great job.

  6. Franky says:

    HAHAHAHHA people really will just find anything to complain about… 

  7. notaaardvark says:

    I didn’t listen to the episode, so I don’t know if he mentions otherwise, but it’s likely that Pete did the recording and sent it to Katie for any kind of editing needed and to post the final recording. He probably doesn’t really want to have to deal with any of that stuff, and I don’t think it saying she posted it really means too much.

  8. ericmci says:

    So Katie didn’t even record this one but it’s still By:  Katie Levine   It’s really by: Pete Holmes.  Nerdist is the only site that uses this convention it’s really important to give the sound tech their due for all their work but they didn’t author this podcast.

    • laura says:

      No need to pettifog – She is omnipresent. 🙂

    • russell says:

      Uh, its more than likely just a WordPress site or  similar CRM where each admin has an individual login, and whoever posts the “article” or “podcast” is marked for the “by” portion.

      You guys are looking into this way too much, she simply uploaded the podcast using her login information, and it defaulted to being by her. 

    • Daniel says:

      I think this is a fair distinction, because the recording was so bad that I didn’t bother listening to this podcast. Sounds like it was recorded in a toilet.

    • Ed says:

      It clearly states POSTED BY Katie Levine. That very clearly seems to designate that it was she who posted it, essentially removing the author function from the byline. Further, this is not the only site that uses this convention. This seems a very weird thing to pick at, let alone when what it clearly states is not what you have seemingly found fault with.