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Episode 23: You Made It Weird
Bill Burr

You Made It Weird #23: Bill Burr

Bill loves to break chops, but as you will see, he is actually one of the nicest guys Pete knows and was someone who was incredibly helpful to Pete in the early stages of his standup career. So, like most episodes, Pete does his best to recreate helpful, funny and wonderful conversations they’ve had to share with weirdos everywhere. Oh, and the funniest anti-marriage rant that’s ever been recorded. So… look forward to that!

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  1. Jason says:

    Is Pete aware there is a model with “f*&% you forever” tattooed under her boob? I think her name is Sara X Mills or something like that. Is there a connection or is that a cooincidence? 

  2. bubbabooey says:

    Hilarious podcast with great synergy between Bill and Pete. I normally listen to Bill’s Monday Morning podcast but will check out more episodes of this podcast now too. I like Pete’s attitude.

  3. Erick says:

    Haha Pete posted the video where he bombed. Such a good sport lol

    He Made It Weird

  4. Arvetis says:

    I instinctively hate this guy. I know that’s shitty and wrong, but I can’t help it, it’s like an emotional reflex.

  5. Chance Stewart says:

    Am I crazy, or is there a point late in this podcast where Pete is talking about Dane Cook, and Bill is talking about Dana Gould and neither one realizes it? Dane/Dana.

    • ty one says:

      yeah, your right, I was like wtf is happening. Bill Burr saying Dane is great? Wait… they aint talking about the same people

  6. Thiago says:

    Clearly the problem Bill Burr has is with hacks. Mainstream hacks don’t have anywhere to run but alt hacks justify themselves saying that you are not smart enough to get it… and that`s what pisses him off. I guess..

  7. Thiago says:

    Bill Burr rocks!!!

  8. Oscar says:

    Bill burr was on point about all the awkward pretentious so called “alt comedians” if they were funny everywhere they would be just Comedians. pete is awsome

  9. abe says:

    “What I am not okay with, however, is being anti-medicine or anti-science, because those views hold us back as a society and are very harmful. ”

    um, please fill us in. not sure how expressing resistance to a particular, narrow application of science means he’s anti-science. this is a rabbit hole that could go a ways down- in terms of the long/short term effects and issues of mass immunization, etc… hubris sure is fun stuff.

  10. Alex says:

    I loved 99% of this episode and am a big fan of Bill Burr, but the one part that really bugged me was the misinformed anti-vaccination talk. It’s fine with me if you want to view the government as one monolithic entity that doesn’t care about the people, it’s even fine by me if you want to believe that that monolithic entity secretly killed 3000 of its own people to start a war in Iraq, and the reason I am okay with those views even though I disagree with both is because they aren’t inherently harmful beliefs.

    What I am not okay with, however, is being anti-medicine or anti-science, because those views hold us back as a society and are very harmful. If you are not getting vaccinated, you are not just putting yourself at risk, you are putting any number of people you come into contact with at risk by being a potential carrier. It is not just as risky to get vaccinated as it is to just get the disease, and all the stuff about vaccines causing autism has been completely debunked.

  11. Chester says:

    I love Bill Burr. He has all of the bluster of an Adam Carolla, but a lot more of a sense of personal insecurity and no trace whatsoever of towering self-righteousness. It’s a very effective combination.

    I must admit, however, that there’s just something about Pete Holmes that rubs me the wrong way.

  12. Jeff Whaley says:

    :”Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is the wrestler Bill was thinking of. I am pleasantly surprised of his knowledge of babyface and heel. HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  13. Abbey says:

    LOVE Bill Burr (who also has an amazing podcast ) This is probably one of my favorite episodes yet.

  14. Jim says:

    Burr says if alt comics think club comedy is inferior(which they probably don’t but lets say they do) they’re calling people who like it stupid (e.g. some mechanic).

    He later mocks religion (“…should be painted on cave walls” etc). Are you calling people who like/follow it stupid, even religious mechanics?

    To paraphrase Burr, “Some guy…(smart,mech,parts,car)… and then you think he’s stupid if he doesn’t agree with your points bout (shit burr said bout religion).

    No Burr didn’t call them stupid and alt comics didn’t call them stupid either. You both made a value judgment on a specific topic (comedy, religion) and not a judgment based on the people involved in some way.

    I’m so tired of manly guys acting like everything effete/soft/liberals do they do to personally insult you. (And then effete/soft/liberals will jump all over themselves to agree with you and call themselves pieces of shit too, I’m looking at you Holmez…j/k)

    (Disclosure: I’m an angry bitch like Burr that might be partly why he annoys me).

  15. aj says:

    i really love this podcast. i am mormon, and one of my favorite things about YMIW is that even though everyone has different opinions, Pete always tries to keep from attacking anyone elses beliefs. I really enjoy his open mindedness and appreciate this show for it. and it is hilarious. thanks for the laughs.

  16. Jack says:

    I would pay money to hear one of Pete Holme’s podcasts with all of his laughs muted out.

  17. Rach says:

    Interesting comments, you guys! Dang! I will admit that I am just about to start listening to this again because the fag-fag-fag bits at the beginning DID made me turn it off. Maybe that’s lame but… it just didn’t feel good to hear, I guess. Rubbed me the wrong way? I’m about to listen to the rest of it, though, and looking forward to it.

  18. Kass says:

    I come for the fun, but I think I’m staying for Nicaean Council references and imagining anyone vaguely Michael Jordan-sized wearing a threadless style Star Wars heart tshirt.

    Also, Bill should probably call his legislators.

  19. Jim says:

    Hey, IRK, you don’t know that Katie goes to UCB shows or is representative of “the crowd at UCB” which was what pbnews was talking about.

    Everyone (not in the least just progressives) gets butthurt bout whatever they care about. Burr was pretty butthurt about the stereotype that alternative comedy is smarter or their audiences are smarter (he was pretty butthurt on behalf of club comedy fans mentioning mechanics as an example). So whether you’re butthurt for fags or you’re being butthurt for mechanics you’re still just as whiny that something you care about is being disparaged (at least in your eyes).

  20. sybarite says:

    Keep it crispy mother fuckers, indeed! Bill Burr makes me feel less alone in the world. Another sane, angry voice. My favorite episode so far. Thanks Pete, your conversation with Bill got into topics that I wanted to hear get talked about.

  21. Kyle S. says:

    katie – referencing a dichotomy does not constitute an endorsement of that dichotomy. Point your outrage gun in another direction; Pete’s one of the good guys.

  22. Matt says:

    Well said IRK!

  23. IRK says:

    Hey, pbnews, katie unintentionally disproved your point fifteen minutes after you made it. The stereotype exists. If you don’t see it, must be that you’re part of it. As Bill has pointed out before, everyone’s progressive and unoffended, until the target of the joke is their sacred cow, and then they get butthurt. At least be conscious enough to know what your button issue is, and that everyone has one.

  24. katie says:

    Pete — listen to Todd Glass on wtf again and then cool it with the fag shit.

  25. rokuright says:

    YMIW is always a treat for me. Another stellar mixed dish of weirdness. Enjoy or fade to black!

  26. pbnews says:

    I’ve been to plenty of UCB shows, and the easily-outraged, ‘P.C.’ alternative comedy fan archetype that Burr references is just not a reality. In my experience, the crowd at UCB is post-modern, and pretty much unshockable. If they bristle at your ‘edgy’ jokes, it’s probably because they can sense that you’re trying to shock them, and they resent it.

    I’ve seen some crass, tasteless, ‘edgy’ comedy absolutely kill at the UCB and other ‘alternative’ rooms. Alt comedy fans are pretentious snobs, sure, but I would argue that we are much more difficult to offend than a mainstream crowd. We are more likely to turn on a comic for being hacky and unfunny.

    I think people like Burr, Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, and others, would really love for their notions of ‘liberal college intellectual indy hipsters’ to hold true in reality, but it just doesn’t. (I think all three of those guys are good stand-ups, by the way, and I’m sure they’d all do great at the UCB because they have defined perspectives and funny jokes).

  27. Julia Hays says:

    I love Bill Burr, and he did not disappoint in this episode! Getting to hear candid interview plus him going through material, like the bits on the Calif. divorce laws, was fantastic. This might be my favorite YMIW yet.