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Episode 228: You Made It Weird
Live From High Plains Comedy Festival

You Made It Weird #228: Live From High Plains Comedy Festival

Live from the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver, CO with Chris Thayer, Mike O’Connell, Kate Berlant, Billy Wayne Davis, Matt Knudsen and Nick Thune!

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Photo Credit: Carlos Madrid

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  1. mob says:

    demons from the shadows. fantastic. everything beyond dude’s bit was contradictory to him in the show. beyond that, there was a lot of conformativism. as well as some classism n’shit. the epi as a whole was fucking awesome for white men with kids!

  2. Lina says:

    I was so incredibly disappointed in this podcast.  His guest’s comments about Latina women was disgusting.  “She’s 16 and Latina so she looks 22 and ready to go.”  What the fuck is that about?  It can’t be defended as social commentary where this is a gross white guy saying “It’s a different culture.”  Living/working in the neighborhood doesn’t make you shit.  I normally don’t leave comments, but this was just so offensive I had to say something.  Again, I’m familiar with the concept that comedians should be exempt, but this is just racist bullshit.  Surely the event wasn’t designed to give a platform to that bigotry, but I had to say something.  Not okay.

  3. Josh says:

    S&S Deli is in Inman Square, Pete, not Davis.  Get it the fuck together.

  4. Peter says:

    Hey I was there! I was really bummed that Chris Thayer didn’t get as much chance to be a sharpshooter in this ep. Billy Wayne was hilarious, and that trio worked well, but honestly Kate and Mike were so weird (not bad!) that Chris didn’t get a chance to jump in anywhere.
    Fun time, would do again!
    Pro-tip to people who want to talk to Pete, go to his stand-up shows, because the wait time to talk to him is MUCH longer at the live YMIW shows. I got to chat with him for a while after he did stand-up because he was just hanging out in the back and there wasn’t a long line of people wanting pictures.

  5. Sean says:

    haha nice tj impression

  6. Kari says:

    Kate Berlant has wholly redefined Gaffigan’s Jesus “Thanks for the socks” joke. I would be thankful for the socks she hawks. 

  7. Anna Troyer says:

    normally the live episodes aren’t my favorite, but this one was great!

  8. Jordan says:

    Cutest Petey pic EVER

  9. Fun and interesting! I didn’t realize how much Pete pokes fun at the audience, I wonder if they ever turn on him!

  10. Ken Kreie says:

    Reverse Footloose.  My new band name.