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Episode 215: You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #215: Sinbad

Sinbad makes it weird!

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  1. Shar says:

    Loved this episode!  I don’t have one favorite part, loved the whole episode!

  2. Tipper Gore says:

    Astral projection is bullshit.

  3. Jofo says:

    Sinbad is funny but man his cockiness became pretty off-putting as the episode went on.

  4. Fartbooty says:

    Ask Sinbad to ask Will Smith if he’s a Scientologist 

  5. Fartbooty says:

    I don’t care I love me some Jingle All The Way!

  6. Fartbooty says:

    So your the asshole that stole my name tag! … jk luv ya Bad

  7. J. Smith says:

    Typical Detroiter, home team sucks, lets root for someone else.  Honestly though, I love him and I was very surprised to see that he was a guest.  Best episode ever.

  8. Bubbowrap says:

    I’m trying to think of a time when I thought Sinbad wasn’t funny and I just can’t. His roles in First Kid, Good Burger, A Different World, and ESPECIALLY Jingle All The Way were amazing. I’ve never been able to understand why this guy wasn’t in more stuff and has seemed to practically disappear. Did he piss off the wrong person and get blacklisted or something? I’m still curious about that.
    I was laughing almost the entire time while listening to this. So great. Most comedians are only sort of funny without material set up beforehand, but Sinbad and Dave Chappelle seem to always be on somehow. Great podcast!

  9. jacob says:

    also lol miami heat

  10. jacob says:

    lol katie coughing.

  11. Lee says:

    Great great great. Surprised they didn’t mention the sex ed video we watched in high school where Sinbad was a condom, though (

  12. Daniel R says:

    This was one of the few shows where the guest carried the load and Pete wasn’t as crucial to the episode’s success.  Sinbad is just nonstop hilarity.  One other commenter wrote that Sinbad’s on a different level- and i couldn’t agree more.  He’s like the Bo Jackson of comedy! Loved it. 

  13. Sean Cannon says:

    Man…this was a surprisingly good episode. I’m 31…so I remember Sinbad back in the day when he was a big deal…though I never really was into him back then. When I saw he was the new guest…to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I figured he’d come across as a washed-up hackey un-self-aware guy.
    Boy was I wrong. Not only is he funnier than I ever remember…but he’s a pretty intelligent insightful dude. Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode. And it was amusing to hear someone talk over Pete for once…not that I mind when Pete runs the conversation(in fact, I usually prefer that…as I find Pete more interesting than the guests most times). But this Sinbad cat…he’s going places.

  14. Jon says:

    Great ep. I’m glad to see Sinbad putting himself out there again. He got a raw deal. We booked him at my school YEEEEAAARS ago and he wrecked it. Always funny a dude.

  15. yoyo says:

    the heat didn’t win, sorry Sinbad XP. Really really dope interview tho.

  16. Arabrabbra says:

    GOD I used to LOVE Sinbad! He got me into comedy really! He was one of the few comics on Comedy Central in the late 80s early 90s. Cant wait to listen to this. Pete getting some quality guests!

  17. So many feels about this. I adored Sinbad growing up, and, while this was a funny ep, I’m kind of sad that he sounds like my dad, old school sexism, etc.

    • Anna Wiliby says:

      I thought I’d scroll down to see if anyone else caught that. This was mostly funny, but that part about “men lose everything” and are “always the butt of the joke” on sitcoms isn’t. Women are also the butt of many many sexist jokes on pretty much every sitcom, mostly about us being irrational, humorless, cold, vapid, and weak. Besides, men (particularly white men, but men in general) are in the power position in society, so any jokes at their expense aren’t quite the same as those at the expense of women and minorities.

      That stuff about the “broken man” is also just…ugh.

    • Dante says:

      That whole run was Bill Cosby’s 70s material (that Mencia went on to steal). Go make noise in a rape joke comment section – this was harmless.

  18. Alec says:

    “Let’s stop. Katie, we’ll stop. We’ll stop the basketball talk. We’re gonna go back to comedy. We’re gonna let this go.”

  19. Mike says:

    astral projection? Sinbad’s a Cray Cray!  p.s. playing guitar or basketball isn’t superhuman or supernatural.  gullibility is a sad thing

  20. Mark says:

    This is hands down one of the best episodes. Sinbad is truly on another level. So inspiring 🙂

  21. Jason says:

    Great interview.   I loved him when I was longer.   I need to check out his special from last year now.

  22. I was already laughing my butt off at minute 22, now just past the hour mark talking about Will Smith, Sinbad is a freaking genius! I loved him in the 90’s and I love him now!

  23. Josh says:

    How great was that?  When I started this podcast with Sinbad, I did not expect the most interesting and informative discussion about astral projection I’ve ever heard…well played.

  24. PeopleSounds says:

    I hope his wife listens…. hahaha, what a funny dude!