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Episode 213: You Made It Weird
George Basil

You Made It Weird #213: George Basil

George Basil (The Pete Holmes Show, College Humor, Ex-Men) makes it weird!

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World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

You Can't Shake-splode a Soda At the Bottom of the Ocean

You Can't Shake-splode a Soda At the Bottom of the Ocean

Patrick Labyorteaux on JAG’s Favorite Nerd

Patrick Labyorteaux on JAG’s Favorite Nerd



  1. Respressionfilter says:

    Oh my god. Completely lost it when you were talking about the differences between the way men and women communicate. YOU LIKE HAM?! Lol

  2. Max says:

    This might be my favorite episode

  3. Caitlin says:

    The shit about getting to the point where you don’t feel like you need anyone is so important. Take care of yourself, and find out what makes you really happy. Everything else flows from that. I’m 28 and I finally figured this out too, through a shitload of goddamn therapy. It’s been more than worth it.

  4. Sebastian says:

    I have to say if the goal of this episode was to make me viscerally hate the guest by speaking in the third person about him then congratulations, you did it.
    Holy mold I haven’t been this angry about a free podcast in a long time.
    The amount of testosterone and palpable immaturity was mind-boggling.
    I really really hope you two stay away from each other. You are reaffirming things in each other that aren’t good. 
    I could really go off here but I don’t want to. I want to be positive about this.
    Please – this is not the way to go about life as men. This fealt like listening in to an AA meeting. This wasn’t positive. It made me sad.

  5. Derstin says:

    So what is the Eminem song Pete listens to after a comedy set?

  6. Matt says:

    I just had to say, I too have been fighting weight problems and self esteem problems. When you said that you would look in the mirror and say “I love you, Pete. I know you better than anyone and I love you.” I tried that and tears flowed. It worked! So thank you very much. On a side note if the Base experimented in college it would be the Base gays phase. LOL 

  7. Chris says:

    There is a sad lack of confidence in your belief that the source of your own sexual power, your semen, is somehow gross or weird to a woman. You must be dating the wrong women, or not fucking them hard/long enough before you cum– because when a woman has been properly fulfilled, she will devour every drop of you when the time is right. It’s not just me who believes in the power in a man’s ejaculation– the Taoists believe so strongly that the source of a man’s power is his semen that they encourage reabsorption of the energy (if it is released at all). Anyway man, my point is: stop apologizing for your body– you’re more powerful than you think, and when you embody this, women will know it too.

    • Anna says:

      Look, I’m not scared of semen, I don’t mind it on me or in my hair or in my mouth in small quantities….but “devour every last drop?” How about I give you a big old bottle of vinegar, drop about a tablespoon of bleach and a cup of salt into it, and a dash of the leftover water from a tuna can. See how eagerly you devour that shitshow. If my pussy tasted as bad as most guys’ semen (and I’ve tasted it on my man many times) I wouldn’t expect them to dive down there without some very strongly-flavored lube.

      • Anna says:

        Also, the Taoist ideas of sexuality are pretty hilariously sexist, so maybe don’t go off of that in 2014.

        • Jake says:

          Well, you two aren’t the only women in the world, luckily. When it’s only you with your some point of view (I hope at least your guy likes it, but maybe don’t tell him that litany about vinegar and shitshow in his body) feeling the irresistible urge to tell it to us and take the confidence away from the guys who don’t have much of it, blabbering lines and lines about “shitshow”, I bet a thousand girls sits and scratches their heads reading it. They probably just see no point in shouting their opinion on here and arguing with something said on such level. Because see, there are lots of girls that like it and enjoy it, just one or two have to shout their mind out, not having enough manners to keep their ugly and abusive thoughts to themselves.
          I think each one can judge just by it who’s more “normal” about it and who’s acting like an adult. If you have a problem with drinking a lot of semen – don’t do this and good luck. Surely you wouldn’t want to read disgusting descriptions going on and on about how all your pussies can stink or anything like this, so don’t do this to others, act like an adult if you consider yourself worthy of having an opinion and sharing it. And think before typing. That shouldn’t be so hard.

      • Caitlin says:

        YES. I was rolling my eyes so fucking hard at that phrase.

  8. laurabandypants says:

    I laughed throughout this most excellent episode, thanksthanks.  On a day that the Supreme Court has ruled me semi-human, listening & laughing really helped me feel less blue. Sending BFL (Big Fan Love) to Petey & The Baze!  😀 

  9. Laura says:

    Love The Baze!
    As a LONG time vegan, I just wanted to say to Pete that you needn’t feel guilty when a current omni pal bring’s up The Veeg with you at meal time. I know all to well the awkward that you feel (specifically as a newer vegan) when that happens, but the onus IS NOT on you to comfort and co-sign their animal consumption.
     My advice is to just honestly and with a smile, say to them that meal time is not really the preferable time to discuss The Veeg, but that you would love to engage with them on why you are vegan at another time of their choosing. If someone is pressing you for the reason for your veg-ness, it is helpful to just have like a one-line response at the ready-I just gently say that ‘I don’t want anyone to suffer for me to live’ and then tell them that I would love to engage with them further on this topic at another time. (ie one when they are not actively eating animals.) 

    Please don’t let yourself feel guilty (Pete or The Baze or whoevskies) for trying to live as humanely as possible. 

  10. Pete not Holmes says:

    the Bas is the goddamn mayor of bud light’s whatever usa

    • whocares says:

      I FUCKING THOUGHT SO! I just saw a commercial and was trying to find out if it was him and ended up back here.

  11. Weebee says:

    Also, not to just be a negative Nancy… I can’t wait for you to get your next show Pete. I hope it is filled with your sketches!

  12. Weebee says:

    I get that this is free, and I love it, but hearing “Debaze” over and over eventually sounded like lambs being murdered.

  13. Bryan Culver says:

    I love roller town, it was an amazing comedy, everyone should check it out on netflix. Keep it up Pete! also check out beboop podcast on itunes or !

  14. Ginny says:

    Thank you Base-d God

  15. tossit says:

    So by pete’s logic if a plant is also a living thing, but he plants it and takes care of it; then he can kill it and eat it. So if you buy a cow and treat it well and all that and then you kill it and eat it, it would be the same.

    It was still a great episode. If anything this podcast just makes me think about things more, even if I don’t agree with all that is said.

  16. ben says:

    please never say ‘the bas’ ever again…

  17. Elliot says:

    That was great. I’ll never need therapy as long as I’ve got Pete Holmes spouting useful ideas for my brain