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Episode 197: You Made It Weird
Moshe Kasher Returns

You Made It Weird #197: Moshe Kasher Returns

Moshe Kasher returns to make it weirder!

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Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

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  1. Devan says:

    I’m surprised that nobody on here brought up that the “Jewish ambulances” thing is REAL. They’re called Hatzalah and they’re based out of Brooklyn (although they do have a few other independent chapters around the US and internationally), and they were even among the first responders on the scene during 9/11.
    The only real “conspiracy theory” part of it is that some people believe that it’s some secret “Jews only” ambulance service, when really it’s just a volunteer organization that is better equipped for Orthodox/Hasadic citizens (which I guess could be very helpful if you need medical attention but are worried about travelling on the Sabbath).

  2. Kristin says:

    I love this show in general but holy cow I laughed so hard so many times at this episode. Thank you!

  3. Gordon Adam says:

    “I’ll have the medium soup” – God

  4. Andre says:

    Racist Stephen Hawking:

    This had me literally doubled over.

  5. Olivia says:

    This is unbelievably hilarious.

  6. Brian Raney says:

    You guys need to record the *Medium Soup* song so I can buy it of iTunes.

  7. Guy21 says:

    Unfreaking-believable!!!!! I pulled ab muscles listening to this podcast. Have not laughed as hard since the first time I smoked pot. Muchos kudos to both you freaks!

  8. Mandy says:

    Just saw Moshe live and he’s one of the best. Thanks for having him back Pete. I could listen to you guys riff all day.

  9. Ben says:

    Hedil-deidle-deidle medium soup….

  10. Miranda says:

    Hello! 🙂 I loved this conversation. What a chilling quote from the holocaust survivor that Moshe shared — I have been reflecting on that for days now. I like to have hope in humanity, but what he said — that the worst and most selfish are the most likely to survive because they have no problems hitting others for a bit of bread, and the best die first because they care about others more than themselves. This really saddens my heart. This really makes me think about humans.

  11. js says:

    I was glad to hear Moshe broach the prison industrial complex. You may want to check out the book The New Jim Crow which further explains exactly what he was talking about. It’s a very disturbing reality that should be discussed more.

  12. IR says:

    I had to leave the gym because I couldn’t hold in laughter at racist Stephen Hawking.

  13. Mark says:

    Hilarious episode, one of the best in a while (along with Jared Logan’s).

    nth’ing Janet Varney, she’s the perfect combo of sweet authenticity with enough sharpness to go toe-to-toe with Jimmy Pardo.

  14. mholberger says:

    im lovin’ it! btw your show is hilarious again this season! i had a dream i was in Belarus and i met you and was like “hey, im a weirdo!” (never been to Belarus). my bedtime ritual is listening to you conversate on this podcast! it has helped me think about effective communication in my own life, very cool.

  15. Dan says:

    Pete, honestly I love what you do, and you’ll probably never see this and who the hell am I to say it. But I would do far more remote interviews for a while. Your studio ones seemed forced and with your level of Internet saturation I feel like you are doing yourself a disservice by trying to be a common late nite host. I think in the show setting you lose your ability to improvise.You’re in an awkward state where you are replaying old conversations from your podcast on tv. I get that, but you need to find a new voice. A voice for your new medium. For at least a little while I feel like you need to lose the audience so you can Learn to draw someone in without fear. Though what do I know, I’m pretty drunk

  16. Jesse says:

    Pete, if you read these comments, thank you for creating this podcast (and subsequently TPHS on the tvs). Always provides a laugh, thoughtful discussion, and challenging words to presuppositions. All for free. So good. Thanks!!

    And now to talk my wife into buying tickets to see Moshe in Charlotte this weekend…. Fingers crossed that Racist Stephen Hawking will make an appearance

  17. gibs says:

    Great episode. I loved racist Steven Hawking. Pete, I’m not sure it “they keep building the prisons” makes sense to me. If they were building prisons so fast that they were struggling to lock enough people up in them, there wouldn’t be a national epidemic of overcrowding in prisons. Not only are we locking (predominantly poor and minority) people away in record numbers, but prison officials are fighting for their right to cram more and more of them in the same amount of space to save money. Because they forfeited their right to humane conditions when they were caught holding pot.

  18. Richard says:

    Did no one else laugh hysterically at “Siddhartha and Nancy”? LOL!

  19. Jamjo says:

    Amazing episode. Racist Stephen Hawking needs a medium soup ASAP!

  20. JL says:

    Unbelievably awesome episode. I laughed so hard it hurt.

  21. joe says:

    best episode in a long long time.

  22. Sam says:

    Holy. I can’t. Medium soup.

  23. Josh says:

    I’ve had Medium Soup – Native American Remix stuck in my head since yesterday.

  24. Protoman says:

    10/10 episode, Moshe Kasher is spot-on with the War on Drugs and the private prison industry

  25. jay says:

    VJJ – Punisher of the year. Moshe and Pete crushed this episode. I’ve now hear Moshe on three podcasts in the last week.

  26. David H says:

    Definitely one of the best YMIW episodes in a while, and that’s after what I think has been a great run lately. Both hilarious and fascinating. Thanks Pete!

  27. Amy says:

    FUCK YES MOSHE!! Was hoping he’d return!

  28. NERDIST says:

    I only use gmail. Al other email servers are inferior. #GMAIL The email of the cool kids.

  29. KatieCRyan says:

    HECK YES! Moshe’s are some of my favorite episodes. Keeping it crispy once more!

  30. vjj says:

    forget it. I found it somewhere else. Douche-bags

  31. vjj says:


  32. vjj says:

    Nerdist is throttling the download of this Podcast. Why?

    It’s taking forever. I have 100 Mbps broadband.

  33. Matt A. says:

    Hey Pete, you should go on The Champs! Oh wait….

    jk love you dawg

  34. MacPiece says:

    Yes to having Janet Varney on as a guest @Dice. I wonder what if Moesh will venture out and perhaps do an Terrence McKenna impression or Alan Watts.

  35. Barely Legalistic says:

    And… we’re back. Polite smile from Jennette episode replaced by genuine laughter.

  36. BasedGod says:

    Yes to having Janet Varney on as a guest @Dice. I wonder what if Moesh will venture out and perhaps do an Terrence McKenna impression or Alan Watts.

  37. Dice Clay says:

    Moeshe killing it! That Stephen Hawking bit was thee best. Also how about having Janet Varney on the podcast?

  38. Nathan says:

    FANTASTIC EPISODE! Seriously the funniest one in recent history! Medium soup and racist Stephen Hawking forever and ever!

  39. Erica says:

    This was a funny episode.

  40. gigi lollo says:

    You guys need to lay down some tracks on the next Enigma album. Great episode, it was like listening in on a boys sleepover.

  41. Bryan says:

    I’m glad I’m alone right now because I’m sure I look like a lunatic falling over laughing hysterically to Racist Stephen Hawking and Medium soup. Great episode!

  42. Shannon says:

    Best YMIW in a long time! I’m dying right now. MEDIUM SOUP!

  43. Three Toes of Fury says:


    Great riffin bits!!!

    Peace .n. Racist Stephen Hawking