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X-MEN Show LEGION Gets Premiere Date, WESTWORLD Thoughts, and More TV News

X-MEN Show LEGION Gets Premiere Date, WESTWORLD Thoughts, and More TV News

Understandably, many of us have Westworld on the brain. The season one finale aired Sunday, and I’m still processing the events of the episode. I want to rewatch the entire season with knowledge of how it ends, but before I sit down to binge, let’s get through TV-Cap. Today’s round-up is chock full of Westworld speculation and thoughts, a premiere date and new trailer for Legion, a teaser for The Walking Dead, and more.

On the Run. FX is bringing a series based on the X-Men to television. Legion, starring Dan Stevens as David Haller, will premiere on February 8. Haller’s been manipulated and lied to, and now he’s in danger. This trailer brings a sense of urgency and danger that I haven’t seen in previous teases. [Nerdist]

Award Time. The Writers Guild (WGA) has announced their television nominations for the their upcoming awards show on February 19. Stranger Things scored a nod for best drama, as did Westworld. And Star Wars Rebels nabbed a best episode nod for “A Princess on Lothal” by Steven Melching. Get the full list of nominees at Deadline.

Scoring Westeros. Composer Ramin Djawadi brings life to many series and films but is perhaps most well known for providing the haunting music of Game of Thrones. Djawadi stopped by Nerdist to talk with Matthew Grosinger about taking the score on tour for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience and the scale of the stage, how he writes for the HBO series, and more in the above video. It’s fascinating. [Nerdist]

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life spoiler ahead in the next blurb. Skip over it if you haven’t watched the reveal.

Bigger, Bolder. The end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life brought a long awaited moment: Lorelai and Luke’s wedding. They had a small ceremony before the proper one, and we were invited to the more intimate occasion. But, the wedding was initially going to be a much bigger deal. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TVLine that budget limitations mean they had to scale things down. “The wedding was a whole shebang. And then they took money away from us. Anything that has extras in it and costumes became a production nightmare,” she said. Get her full comments on the topic at TVLine.

Not Enough. Has your heart healed from the first big Negan incident on The Walking Dead? Because another one may be ahead in the season seven midseason finale, airing December 11. A tease for the 85 minute episode has a few shots that perhaps indicate Negan’s going to strike again. [CBR]

Family Drama. Alicia and Rachel wrapped a fancy new installment of Fangirling on Monday, and Transparent’s Amy Landecker stopped by. In the above video, she talks about family drama–it’s goddamn delightful.

From here on out, it’s all Westworld. That means spoilers abound. You’ve been warned.

Revolt. Westworld showrunners said they were going to answer questions with the season finale, and oh boy, did they ever. Jessica Chobot goes over what we learned in the latest Nerdist News, and then turns the tables towards season two speculation–because where in the heck do we go after the closing scene? And, um, hi Samurai World?! [Nerdist]

Lady Power. I can say one thing with certainty about Westworld: the female hosts are not kidding around. Dolores and Maeve saw through their loops, the repetitive experiences, the bullshit. They woke up. Carly talks about the future being female here at Nerdist.

Alive or Dead? We know Elsie and Stubbs mysteriously (or not so mysteriously in Elsie’s case) disappeared, but they aren’t necessarily dead. I don’t believe anyone is dead in Westworld until I see their corpses. The Delos Incorporated website might have answers. To match the recent events of the series, the faux site looks to have experienced a glitch. If you navigate to this link, you can hear Elsie say, “Hello?” Is it a hint she’s alive? What do you think? [Slashfilm]

It’s Theirs. Dolores understood in the finale that the world she and the other hosts live in belongs to them–not to the humans. She and others were elevated. But could such a scenario happen in our world? Matthew says not so much. Read his thoughts on the subject here at Nerdist.

Do you think Negan will take out another major character in this season of The Walking Dead? Share your theories in the comments.

Featured Image: FX

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