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X-MEN M&Ms, Straight From Xavier’s School for Gifting Yum-sters

I have no apologies for that headline. The only thing I do regret is not being able to make it some variation of “It’s the age of licking your ApocaLIPS” since it’s so damn close to DC’s “Apokolips.” You win some, you lose some, I suppose. Thankfully I can drown my sorrow in delicious X-Men branded M&Ms from

It’s not surprising to follow a blockbuster movie with branded merchandise but we’re 100% on board when it’s a candy that decides to do so. M&Ms might be one of the most universally recognized (and delicious) candies that has ever existed. You could say that they’re much like a certain near-immortal mutant who’s been around forever,  so it’s fitting they’ve released these in honor of X-Men: Apocalypse.

You can get these delicious mutant mixes directly from M&Ms in a number of ways. The X-Men blend features the faces of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, and Beast while the Four Horsemen blend has Magneto, Archangel, Storm, and Psylocke.


You can even customize the blends to include yourself in the teams by getting your own face on printed on some of the candies. In fact, you could probably just upload pictures of all your favorite X-Men characters over the years and make your ideal team. Ooh! Someone please make a Deadpool mix of red M&Ms with his face and brown one’s with the “brown pants” thug on them!

M&Ms is no stranger to good ad campaigns and certainly didn’t disappoint with their commercials featuring the actors from the film. Here’s Storm expediting the process for when Nightcrawler was going to eat the candy he saved.

Honestly, that ad is a bit disturbing when you think about how Red and Yellow could just be mutants in that world. You’d think Xavier would have taught his students to be more understanding to extreme candy mutation.

What’s your ideal M&M X-Men team? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: M&Ms

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