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World’s Greatest Scientists Transformed Into Ass-Kicking Arcade Fighters

Every once in a great while, somebody combines two things that are unexpectedly made for each other. Chocolate and peanut butter for example, or LEGO and Star Wars. Now, added to that list of platonically perfect combos is legendary scientists plus arcade-style fighting.

Seriously, why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?

For Brazilian science magazine, Superinteressante (which super obviously translates to “Super Interesting”), illustrator/designer Diego Sanches has created an as-yet-unreleased “newsgame” that features some of history’s greatest minds as all-out video game brawlers. And while the game, entitled Science Combat, isn’t available on Superinteressante’s website yet, some of the teaser GIFs have been released on Sanches’ website, and they are… what’s the scientific term here… seriously badass.

Each scientist has a set of basic combat moves, as demonstrated by Einstein and Darwin’s kicks and punches below.

einstein-basic-moves Darwin-Basic-Moves

But then—depending on each scientist’s particular field of study and respective noted breakthrough—they also have special moves, which bring their frightenin’ enlightenin’ to the next level.


Issac Newton uses his trademark prism to make his enemies taste the rainbow… of pain!


Nikolai Tesla blasts a “teleforce death ray,” which alternates current, as well as terror and destruction.


Darwin devolves and then evolves to suit his environment, and headbutt his genetic competition.


Stephen Hawking uses a wormhole to move through space, and put his foes in their place.


Pythagoras flies up the hypotenuse in order to drop his foot down on ignorance, as well as his opponent’s throat.

Although Science Combat isn’t available yet, Filosofighters—a similar game using philosophers instead of scientists—is available to play for free now, and can be found here. There’s no word yet on when the new scientist-centered fighting game will be available, but you can check out the rest of these fiesty GIFs, which include other scientists like Marie Curie as well as Boss Gods like Ganesha, on Sanches’ website.

What do you think about Science Combat? Which scientists and special powers would you like to see appear in the finished game? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images: Diego Sanches

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