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WIN A Copy of RIDDICK Before the Lights Go Out

Nobody ought to mess with a guy like Richard B. Riddick; he’s build like a marble statue, he’s got the undisputed most intimidating voice in the universe, and his eyes are genetically altered so he can see in the dark. Let’s face it, if you try to start something, the odds are not going in your favor. And yet, it wouldn’t be any fun to watch in a movie if nobody ever stepped up, especially if those steppers are malevolent aliens or would-be mercenaries. Luckily, Riddick meets both in abundance in 2013’s Riddick.

David Twohy returns to direct this third installment of the sci-fi franchise, and star Vin Diesel is again portraying the galaxy’s worst/best antihero, who this time is the treasure at the end of a three-path map, with mercenaries, monsters, and a man from Riddick’s past all vying to reach him first. The first to arrive probably won’t be the last standing, let’s just put it that way. The rest of the cast includes Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Baustista, and Bokeem Woodbine.

If you’d like to win a copy of the Blu-ray for your very own, then what you’re going to want to do is to enter below. And how do you enter, you ask? It’s simple – have a valid email address and comment below how you would use Riddick’s night vision eyes. Keep it safe for work, please, but be as creative as possible. Be sure to enter by midnight on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. It’s as simple as that. You’re not going to want to miss out on this, but if you do, you only have a week to wait for the Blu-ray and DVD to be released.


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  1. Doug Warren says:

    Naps at work!

  2. Bernie W says:

    I would use the night vision to save on my electricity bill at night.

  3. dattmusch says:

    Probably just for night jogging.

  4. Paul says:

    I would use my eyes to find and then Junk Punch Bigfoot

  5. Brooke says:

    Not needing to use a flashlight. I can explore any dark place wether it’s caves, underground, or under the sea.

  6. Joseph says:

    gonna be awsome movie

  7. Dan Robinson says:

    I would go deep sea diving to meet all the creepy critters that hide in the dark on our world.

  8. Michael Jones says:

    Would be great when I go running at night, see the werewolves before they see me

  9. Keith Evans says:

    I will let me friends borrow it cause they suck at night driving but would take it back for costumes or Halloween.

  10. Jenn Stocks says:

    If I had Riddick’s night-vision eyes, I’d totally stare down a Hell Hound, tame it to be my bitch, ride it into the black night of a vast desert, end up in London, and stalk my celebrity crush. Or I’d just bring the Hound home with me so it can get rid of my coyote problem. The former plan sounds more fun.

    I hope I win! I want Riddick’s night vision!!!

    Wait…the prize isn’t his eyes? Oh well, the Blu-Ray will do.


    Much love,


  11. Kevin Forbes says:

    If I had his eyes, I’d use them to make sure nobody steals my Wheat Thins.

  12. Bernie W says:

    I would use them to go see movies at the drive in. The movie picture is always so dark.

  13. B H Frazier says:

    I’d sneak up on the pesky raccoons in my neighborhood. I can see them now, just settling in for a freshly turned over trash can picking. Suddenly they hear a low gravely tone: “Are you afraid of the dark?”
    They’d all scatter but in the back of there mind I’d be there. I’d keep this up at seemingly random integrals. I’d be a ghost in the night They’d trade tales of my prowess among themselves in hidden holes and in the highest branches of trees. Then one night, deep in the great thicket, the raccoon high council would meet amongst candlelight.
    The first raccoon, Jaher, the one who first encountered ‘the ghost’ and proclaimed expert, would stand before them. In a soft, yet labored voice from many restless nights he would speak, “O high council, I came today to speak on this myth my village know as the ghost. He is soft footed and even when you believe him dead he is surely not.” The chief raccoon would interrupt him at this point, scoffing “If there was such a being we’d know of him by now. Surely you must be misinformed!” Just then the candles would flicker out and the words Jaher was most haunted by would become all to real. “Are you afraid of the dark?”

    I really would like that movie…clearly

  14. Kristen says:

    If I had eyes like Riddick I would be able to play with my cat at night – be able to sneak up on her and freak her out. I would be able to find things in my apartment without having to half kill myself in trying to get to the lights to turn them on.

  15. Aaron Thompson says:

    I would use his eyes to set-up an awesome Halloween Haunted House!

  16. Cameron Avis says:

    I’d sucker-punch a sleeping bear. Time to turn the tables on those killing machines.

  17. dennis says:

    Duh be an assassin

  18. NeuroMan42 says:

    I would use his vision for crime-fighting… or maybe just digging though garbage cans like a damn raccoon.

  19. Rudy says:

    I’d buy a pair of sweet goggles and growl one-liners at everyone.

  20. Omar echevarria says:

    I could use it to become the dark knight and be the hero the city needs

  21. Robert says:

    With those eyes I could finally read at night without a light on.

  22. Joe says:

    Riddick eyes would help me not trip over the dog on a nightly basis

  23. Bryce Lisser says:

    I’d use the creepy shine factor to freak out my friends and family by looking in their windows at night.

  24. Malika Baker says:

    Why, I’d go visit the big cats, of course.

  25. Chris says:

    I’d never waste money on lightbulbs again! TAKE THAT!

  26. Vincent Kirk says:

    I’d use Riddick’s eyes to become Batman.

  27. chris brocco says:

    it would make blackouts tolerable and trips to the bathroom in a blackout a no miss scenario.

  28. Chad Jones says:

    If I had night vision I would use it to play a prank on my neighbor who comes home drunk just about every night.

  29. Courtney says:

    To see….at night

  30. Johnna Rhodus says:

    I would use Riddick’s night vision eyes to have better navigation at night to make my way around the house without waking anyone else up!

  31. Christopher says:

    Drive the streets at night with no headlights in an intimidating looking car getting whatever lane and parking spot I want!

  32. Eric says:

    Um, easy wandering to the bathroom at night? Pretty boring, I know.

  33. Justin G says:

    Loved the Riddick movies, haven’t seen this one yet but really looking forward to it.

  34. Steven says:

    Well, since it must be safe for work, I would use the night vision to keep from tripping and dying on the mine field of tennis balls my dog leaves around the bed in the middle of the night.

  35. Jeff Peterson says:

    If I had Riddick’s eyes, I would finally have a good excuse to wear goggles!! lol

  36. Timmons says:

    I would work at haunted houses and be able to navigate Pitch Black rooms no problem. I would then be able to scare them so bad, if people could see them, they’d be Riddick-uled for the rest of their life.

  37. T_ says:

    I would use it for mining, underseas exploration as well as (if we ever get to it) outer space exploration, Can you imaging what “SPACE” would look like to Riddick?

  38. JoshA says:

    I would never step on Legos again!

  39. Scott Koeneman says:

    If I had Riddick’s eyes, I’d quickly enter a staring contest with Peter Capaldi.

  40. Robert Russell says:

    Bathroom trips simplified. That is all. It’d be like a real sweet life hack. 😉

  41. Kevin says:

    Love the Riddick series! Can’t wait to see this on bluray!