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Will Jared Leto Quit Playing The Joker?

Rumors are circulating that Jared Leto, star of Suicide Squad, might be leaving the DCEU in favor of another comic-book movie, Bloodshot. Joining Host Jessica Chobot today on Nerdist News Talks Back are Nerdist News writer Joan Ford and the other half of Bizarre States, Andrew Bowser, otherwise known as the yin to Jessica’s yang. In addition to Leto, they discuss Justice League and its mustache problems, as well as The Flash film that will spin from it, sans-mustache.

First up is Justice League, a movie that has seen multiple tonal shifts since its reveal last year, especially since Zach Snyder’s decision to hand the film off to Joss Whedon due to a death in his family. Whedon is known for his lighthearted, quippy characters, which is a direction many fans of the DCEU have been asking the studio to go in. But does the tone fit the universe DC has established? We’re split on that, but you can hear both sides in the video above.

…But you know what would make the tone perfect? A glorious mustache. Superman himself Henry Cavill is rocking a sweet ‘stache while filming Mission Impossible, and his contract forbids him from shaving it to film Justice League reshoots. Yes, that means some of the CGI budget of that film will be devoted to de-hairing Henry Cavill. Amazing.


Another of Justice League‘s stars, the Flash, will be getting his own solo movie, and now we know that it will be called Flashpoint. Flashpoint is The Flash’s most famous comic storyline, in which The Flash travels back in time and goes on adventures with Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas. Whether or not this is a smart move for a character that moviegoing audiences have barely been introduced to, it could provide a way to phase Ben Affleck out of the universe, as he is rumored to want. Luckily, Jessica Chobot is here to explain just that.

Speaking of characters we’ve only just been introduced to, Jared Leto’s Joker might be leaving the DCEU after only a single movie, if Leto’s rumored starring role in Bloodshot is any indication. Reported by Collider, Jared Leto is in talks to join the comic book adaptation, which features a hitman-turned-robot murdering lots of people. If Leto does leave the DCEU, would you rather see a new Joker or no Joker for a while? Maybe Mark Hamill?


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Image: Warner Bros., Rocksteady

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