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For almost eight decades, Superman has embodied the ideals of the world’s greatest superhero while keeping his facial hair to minimum stubble. Aside from some Elseworlds tales and his extended road trip into space, the Man of Steel has never had a mustache. But that’s proving to be a problem for the Justice League reshoots. As reported yesterday, Henry Cavill is doing double duty between the reshoots and his starring role in the next Mission: Impossible movie. Since Cavill isn’t allowed to shave his mustache for the reshoots, Warner Bros. will simply edit it out.

But what if we lived in a world where Superman could keep his mustache? David Johns has posted a new fan edit on YouTube that hilariously adds a CGI mustache to Cavill’s face in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The video was clearly put together quickly, and yet it’s very amusing to see Superman’s hair light up like his heat vision or show up on the face of his alter ego, Clark Kent. And if this is the Dawn of Mustache, then it’s appropriate that Superman isn’t the only hero to have one!

If you’re asking yourself why Wonder Woman has a mustache too, well — this is clearly an alternate universe in the DCEU where mustaches represent virtue. This fan edit also means that Superman still dies in this version, but Batman grows a ‘stache of his own in tribute. We’re not sure how the “Martha!” scene would change… Feel free to speculate about that!

What did you think about this fan edit? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Image: David Johns/Warner Bros. Pictures

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