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Why SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN Is The Best Depiction of Wonder Woman in the DCU Right Now

I hate the Superman and Wonder Woman romantic relationship that DC Comics is forcing on us right now. Like, I hate it a lot. In real life, we see the quarterback end up with the cheerleader all the time, but in fiction, whether it’s shows like Glee or Emilio Estevez’s jock character getting together with goth Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, it’s not what we want to see in our stories. We want to root for the underdog in any romantic scenario. Plus, there is something beautiful about god-like heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman falling for “frail,” non-perfect mortals. It makes them more human, and seem a hell of a lot less shallow. Sure, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor are hot, for regular folk… but no one’s hotter than Superman and Wonder Woman. So why then is it that Superman/Wonder Woman is my favorite DC Universe book on the stands right now? And most importantly, the only book DC produces that I feel gets the character of Wonder Woman even halfway right?
Ever since the launch of the New 52, DC has, as far as this lifelong fan is concerned, royally dropped the ball as far as the character of Wonder Woman is concerned. While I know I’m not alone with this opinion, I also know I’m in the minority. The New 52 version of Diana has proven to be really popular with critics and many fanboys alike, and there’s good reason for that – Brian Azzarello is an excellent writer, and Cliff Chiang is an excellent artist. With the New 52 version of Wonder Woman, the Azzarello/Chiang team have indeed given us a really cool post-modern take on the Gods of Olympus, and what amounts to as an equally cool post-modern take on  Xena: Warrior Princess. But despite obvious similarities between the two, Wonder Woman is not Xena, and as a huge Wonder Woman fan, therein lies the problem.

The core concepts that are at the heart of what Wonder Woman is about – equality, charity, kindness, compassion – these things simply aren’t cool with the largely straight male fanbase that make characters like Batman and Wolverine two of comicdom’s biggest franchise carriers and superstars. So for this latest attempt to get the usual comic book fanbase who historically ignored her to give her a try, DC editorial decided to focus on her warrior persona, admittedly a huge part of her appeal to be sure, but at almost the expense of all her other attributes. And it worked! Wonder Woman was selling well for the first time in years. It turns out, the best way to get fanboys to embrace her was to jettison all the “icky” feminine traits usually associated with the character, and make her a man in sexy and convincing drag, surrounded by a substantial group of male characters in her supporting cast for the first time. Oh, Azzarello gets her fierce, lioness-like devotion just fine, but we almost never see her smile. And the Geoff Johns version over in the pages of Justice League just likes sticking her sword in things a lot. Between these two depictions, we haven’t really been given a glimpse into who Diana is beyond the surface.


Wonder Woman was created in 1941 with the idea of being a feminist icon; the socio-political intent was there on creator William Marston’s part from day one. Now, with New 52 Diana, she has been slowly stripped of her feminist overtones, one  piece at a time. Originally conceived as the product of one childless woman and the power of a Goddess, (a unique origin not found in actual mythology) now Diana is the child of Zeus, similar to Perseus and Heracles, and all her great power comes from daddy’s side of the family tree. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her sisters the Amazons, were either turned to stone or snakes in her third issue, effectively wiping them off the board and making the entire book’s dramatic momentum centered around her father’s side of the family.

The only real mention we’ve had of her sister Amazons in the two years since the New 52 began has been the revelation that Amazons procreate by seducing wayward sailors and then murdering them, while giving the male children conceived by these encounters of to the God Hephasteus as slaves. Marston’s vision of Utopian society of women was undone in a short two pages. But, hey, that’s not all. We also have discovered that Ares, the God of War, trained Diana as a child to be the warrior she is, because the island full of fierce female warriors couldn’t get the job done, apparently. DC publishers Dan Didio and Bob Harras, as well as Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello, are all way too smart to not know just what the subtext of all of this says, which means they know but they just don’t care, and are willing to sacrifice Wonder Woman’s feminist overtones for a bump in sales. A brief bump, because Wonder Woman’s comic sales are pretty much where they were now prior to the launch of the New 52, when she was wearing mom jeans and leather jacket.


So when DC announced the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman last year with much hoopla, I figured this was just another layer to the stripping of Diana’s importance as her own character. She had now become a more famous hero’s girlfriend, and the subtext of her falling for the only mortal man on Earth physically more powerful than her somehow didn’t land on anyone at DC as being even a wee bit misogynistic. At first, this was all the last nail in the coffin for the character I loved as I once knew her, the “Hero Formerly Known as (Diana) Prince.”

And yet somehow, Superman/Wonder Woman writer Charles Soule (Strongman, Letter 44) has made sweet lemonade out of the lemons of this situation. Oh, I still don’t like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple. But the truth is, the book works almost the same if it was just the story of the unique friendship of the world’s two most powerful superheroes. Whether or not it is on purpose, Soule writes these two more as good friends who share a unique common bond than anything romantic. The few panels the books use to show the two snuggling or being touchy/feely with each other feel heavy handed and forced, no matter how well artist Tony Daniel draws it. But honestly, three issues in and there’s not a lot of that going on.


The first issue begins with the titular couple in classic superhero mode, saving a plane from crashing together (seriously, I would never board a plane in either the DC or Marvel universes, where apparently major air disasters happen daily). From there on out, the interactions between Clark and Diana are sweet, and we see a version of her that is relaxed and lets her guard down. Azzarello’s Diana is tough and capable to be sure, but what she almost never is, is vulnerable.  Soule also knows how to point out the key difference between Clark and Diana; Clark has lived his whole life hiding, in one form or another, and Diana is an open book. She wants to tell the world about their relationship, because as an Amazon she doesn’t have a sense of shame about such things.

Another element I’m grateful that Soule has brought to the table is introducing the character of Hessia, an Amazon who wasn’t on Paradise Island when the Goddess Hera turned her sisters into snakes. This gives Diana a sister to talk to who’s on her level (or close to it). The Azzarello version lost the Amazons very early on, to give Diana “new” family in the form of the Olympian Gods. In her own book, Diana has barely mentioned the predicament that her entire culture was left in for the past year or so, and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to try to undo it. In fact, in one panel of the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman, the two character’s lament their impotence when it comes to their sister’s fate, and how much they hate it. I can’t help but imagine it’s Soule’s commentary on the whole situation. Diana’s relationship with her sisters is an integral part of the character, and one I’m glad to see restored, even if it is through just one new character.


It is almost a certainty that the Superman and Wonder Woman romantic relationship won’t last very long. DC will play it out for as long as possible before people want Superman and Lois back together. But I hope that DC is wise enough to continues this book with the same creative team regardless. Superman and Wonder Woman don’t need to share a bed to share a comic book together, and I hope this is not another situation where a creator at a high profile DC book is forced to leave over “creative differences.”  This book is better than the gimmick it is based on, and I for one certainly hope it far outlives its gimmick.

What do you think about Superman/Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comment below.

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  1. jamesage says:

    Yeah, this romance has done its dash I think and the sales reflect this. Meanwhile Bats chugs along with interesting new twists on his rogues gallery and backstory which equal interested buyers. Contrived romances don’t really work. Good story-telling and characterization do. Does Diana need a man? How about romancing a better creative team?

  2. joshua duran says:


  3. Zain says:

    I do however agree that they don’t need to be dating in order to share a comic title. And definitely don’t bring Clark back to Lois, if anyone other than Diana, what about Lana Lang? Or just someone else. Same with Diana. Some one other than Steve Trevor, or Batman,nth at guy’s had enough time in the limelight here. Ooh what about Simon Baz? 

  4. Zain says:

    Actually I love the idea do Superman and Wonder Woman. In my opinion, Superman is sort of an underdog and has been for years now, by comic book readers and people who don’t really get him as a character. 

  5. wajahat says:

    That’s why  I hate both SM and WW becuz the cheat on simple in content lover Steve,louis,a lot more list of superman and wonder woman list of lover Steve,Bruce,orion,and superman list Lana college lover,mermaid which love in some comic,and Louis,

  6. Helios33 says:

    are you kidding me? this is the best superman i have read in ages, at first i was against all this new 52 idea, but i gotta admit this is one of the coolest things they could have come with, not everything is perfect. but lois lane and steve trevor as love interests? both of them are as interesting as a sack of potatoes, you know what they should be a couple and launch a comic book about the adventures of louis and trevor, so i for once i´m all in favor of fresh ideas and new status quo in this new universe, i mean , why relaunching a whole universe just to go in the same diretion?

  7. Victoria says:

    I love the pairing! Superman and Wonder Woman are a fantastic couple.  DC did a great job with their new series and the fact that DC is willing to shake off the dust of tired old story lines and trying something new has made me a fan again.  Lois and Clark was boring! Lois Lane is annoying! When I heard he was paired with Wonder Woman I was intrigued.  What a concept.  Refreshing.  New.  I only hope DC does not buckle to the old boys club of silly sentiment by pairing him with Lois again (who is irritating as heck) just because some idiots believe her to be his soul mate from the old comic book age.  Superman and Wonderwoman.  Wow!

  8. Ditakita says:

    I love superman the idea a goddess like Diana can be his pair is priceless. It will be a shame if wonder woman fall for another “underdog mortal” like steve trevor or batman. God is mean to be paired with goddess. And i hope supes’s power level will increased, love the modern age supes which almost virtually unbeatable.

  9. Jung Freud says:

    It’s a boring and stupid pairing; why Supes? Why not Barry Allen or Hal Jordan or Victor Stone? Is Diana too shallow that she has to settle for the most powerful yet most boring character in the DC Universe?

  10. Jackie says:

    I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Now Steve Trevor needs to hook up with Lois.

  11. Nicholas Taylor says:

    I honestly don’t see the problem there are a tremendous of good points in everyone’s comments. For example the fact of superman and wonder woman together to be honest it was bound to happen. Even if they kept superman and lois together he would outlive her and same goes for steve and wonder woman. Superman and wonder woman will eventually see that no matter what relationship they get in with a human they outlive them right? So I mean why wouldnt they end up being together? Even if they just stayed friends superman would come to realize that diana has been there through thick and then through the ages. My point is let it be guys why dont you people like different things for a change? Maybe they are making a a new generation of DC to get the new generation readers more interested.

  12. Tyler Adams says:

    I’m sorry but you should be careful with your use of “we.” I love this decision of pairing Sups and WW. It gives them both character that was needed in my opinion. I like many others were having a hard time getting into superman’s comic until WW became this love interest. Now I can’t wait for the next comic.

  13. Duvessa says:

    I’m not a well-read comic book nerd but I appreciate heroes and their stories. It’s annoying for me to see people unequal. I literally can’t stand men who go for damsels in distress. They find inability and dependence attractive and endearing. It’s disgusting to me. Now to see Superman and Wonder Woman together gives me hope. They are more equal. Having to save your partner like they’re an infant in practically every scenario is ridiculous.
    Saying that in fiction we want the underdog to win makes them the ‘overdog’ by the way. Everyone cannot support the underdog, that’s why they are the underdog. Wonder Woman and the strong, independent women who seem the obvious choice are the underdogs. No one wants them to win. Why? I don’t know because they work hard and already have so much going for them? I really have no clue.
    In short, I like this change. I hope it doesn’t last forever; that would be boring. The change is good though. It’s refreshing having the underdog win for once.

  14. Lori says:

    I was so excited to start collecting the New 52 Wonder Woman when it came out a couple years ago or so, and I was into it for a while. I’ve been a huge WW fan since I was a young girl. It’s pushing 30 issues now, and not only is the same story running, I feel like she’s lost all her real character. The comic book shop put in the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman in my pull box since they knew of my love for the character (I intensely dislike superman, and that’s putting it mildly lol). I said why not, try it out. To my surprise, I enjoyed reading that issue over the plain WW runs…I hope DC pulls its head out of its ass with this, with such great writing and art for Batman, Swamp Thing and many others, it almost seems like Wonder Woman was an afterthought…

  15. Alex says:

    WRONG..It’s almost a certainty the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman is going last and be the NEW STATUS QUO.
    Honestly I am one of those who WAITED for the Lois and Clark BORING thing to be over. They had the Lois/Clark “relationship” for years and sales fell, also, they tried the Diana/Clark “frienship” and sales fell again but now they are ROMANTICALLY involved and sales are going UP…I guess you people have to get used to the idea that Lois is part of the past….Get over it

  16. karen says:

    As a new potential female reader who is not really into comics…

    I have to say that what always drove me away from american comic books is the complete disregard they have to the general interests of women. Aggressive art style, women seen as objects, women wearing slutty outfits that wouldn’t help at all in a real fight, men that would rather die than show any trace of weakness or emotion…

    But sometimes stereotypes that have been engraved in the back of my head from the beginning of time do count. I have a pre-conceived idea of everything already regarding comic books, thanks to the small glimpses I have seen on pop culture media. It is difficult not to have it unless I start reading the source material. And they have done a good job in confusing the potential readers and keeping them for reading at all.

    Everything is aimed at the people who are already fans and have read for years. As a new reader, I ask myself: Where do I even start?

    One of the problems with american format comic books is that the stories are neverending. They feel like it’s going nowhere, and they discontinue it, like a sinking ship, and go start over again.

    Then, they keep tossing them to new writers. This allows for it to keep going for years, and making new storylines helps keep everything moving, and new ideas flowing. The problem here is that there is no one who puts them a halt when they are about to do something too extreme, what doesn’t fit with what the original idea is supposed to be like, what message and feeling it had at its very core. To tell them what NOT to do before it turns catastrophically wrong, to keep the overall integrity of the story.

    Most times when a writer(s) that is a fan of certain character gets free reign, they tend to favor such character, often making many fans angry in the process. And people lose faith on the whole industry.

    And there are some classic examples of couples that are ‘set on stone’ that I can’t just accept them breaking up without a good argument. Spider Man/ Mary Jane and Superman/Lois are two of them.

    For reasons before mentioned in other posts. The contrast between a normal person and a gifted super hero is a strong point. Wonder Woman and Superman? Boring, uninspired and doomed to fail. You can’t feel any empathy for them. How many women in general do you think can feel identified with Wonder woman? With an amazon that flies, wears a magic lasso of truth and rides an invisible ship? Yeah, good luck finding one.

    Wonder Woman and Batman? Potentially interesting, after all Batman is a normal human (one with lots of money, cool gadgets, s nice car, a bulletproof butler and an above average intellect….but still a normal human).

    Yes, we want to root for the underdog. Why do you think the Phantom of the Opera musical is so compelling, and there are so many female fans? In this kind of story, a love triangle might have attracted a better female audience, without messing around with the basic nature of the characters.

    For example, who was interested in the other first? If it was Diana, is she attracted to Clark or to Superman? Does she feel he is both, or neither of them? Does she try to fit in with his Clark persona, or only seeks him out as Superman? If it’s Clark, does he feel insecure about his baggage called Lois Lane? What about his job, does he feel guilt whenever he looks at her? Did she even know he was superman? How does he feel to date someone who is more his equal in a physical aspect? <—-see this? Boring for a guy? For me it's not, I want to know such details.

    Just a rant here, not trying to make anyone angry. To tell you the truth, these are some of the reasons why the only main characters I find remotely bearable to follow in the DC universe (for me, anyway) are Flash and Batman.

    I'm trying to like DC, I'm really, really trying. I have been watching the animated movies. I mostly enjoy the Justice League ones and the Batman ones. I do remember I used to watch the 90's Batman and Superman animated tv series, and even some JLA episodes.

  17. John Daker says:

    New 52 Wonder Woman >>>>>> This post

  18. Kalvin Ellis 80 says:

    As a Superman fan on the Superman/Wonder Woman romance: comparing them to the Football star and head cheerleader is unfair. You are seriously underselling Clark Kent and his upbringing by doing so, because the mere fact that he had powers and had to hide them to stay with the Kents meant that he had to not stand out for most of his life, even though he easily could. There is no way that he could be the Football star in those circumstances, something neither Steve Trevor, or even Bruce Wayne ever had to deal with, they could show off their talent, push themselves, compete and not seriously endanger themselves or others, in fact they were probably the Football stars themselves!

    As you can imagine of any hero with a dual identity it is usually the everyday face that is the true one, and Clark Kent is around (in the world, not the pages) more often than Superman, and is NOT a Football Captain, in fact he is the wallflower, the one so often forgotten. I think it shows Diana’s compassion well that she saw in the end the Wallflower in Superman, and falls for that side of him, not the dumb flying super-strength thing every “hardcore” DC fan thinks he is. Look at Justice League #9 and #10, he is left out of the roll call for lunch at the Daily planet, by LOIS LANE, and just observes League meetings, as said unkindly by Hal Jordan. That Batman and Cyborg are the only ones who trusts and is trusted completely by this tortured Superman, (Action Comics #2) leads me to my next point…

    Now I am not disagreeing with you on the loss of so much of Diana’s heart, compassion, and Vulnerability, but I can see hints every now and then that she is only being to hard on the outside to keep her band of misfits together for safety. I have a feeling that Azzarello is leading up to a point where her facade simply can not stay up any longer and she will break down. Of course it would be after she does what she needs to to get her group to safety.

    Now back to the romance quibble: there have been almost 75 years worth of Superman/Lois Lane stories, it is fairly safe to say that pretty much every thing that could have been done in that relationship has been done. I want to see a world where the role of best friend and romantic interest have been flipped, where Lois Lane is the one giving Clark advice on how to get out of the doghouse with Diana every once in a while, and the same situations with Diana and her one time beaus, see how their friendships, not romances with both Steve Trevor/Tom Tresser and Lois Lane would work out. They don’t have to be romantic interests to be important to someone, so Lois Lane could still do her foolhardy stunts for the story, and Superman can save the day.

    Then the line ” [there is something]beautiful about god-like heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman falling for “frail,” non-perfect mortals,” have you forgotten how many times Batman has said something like, for someone not from this planet Superman is the most human of us all? Clark already is a mortal because he was raised one, and often the most painful wounds never mark the flesh. these characters have no one else that could handle their “venting.” (read angry yelling)

    Wonder Woman’s history is about Feminism, I understand that, and think her earlier origin story was a decent one, I think that Azzarello’s origin story is a push-back from the ultra-feminism image that the Amazons became so often, not out of a need to lessen the Amazons in any way, but to show that even the Amazon Queen needed help from a male at least once, and they worked together “peacefully,” the other parts of the new Amazon history are free game, I don’t agree with it either, because it does lessen them to the level of what was done to them in the 1980’s origin. They would never do that.

    In conclusion, yes to the rest of the article except the romance part, I think Lois Lane is going to be friend zoned, possibly indefinitely,and Steve Trevor never stood a chance the way he was written. All that needs to happen is for people to see past the powers of the characters to what their core personalities are, and things work out.

    Sorry for the long comment… :-\

  19. Hank says:

    I disagree for the most part on the New 52 WW which I think is fantastic and just makes more sense in regards to her origin. It’s a great book that is exciting with WW and enjoyable supporting cast. As far as SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN goes I think it’s a mature take on their relationship that has proven to be better than expected. Soule treats the characters with respect and as adults while putting them in a dangerous situation to fight against. WW deserves the best storylines and Azzarello and Soule are doing just that.

  20. Dragonetti says:

    Since when are a hot shot pilot and the most beautiful reporter in all of Metropolis under dogs? Those relationships were set in stone from the beginning. Clark Kent was the underdog as far as his relationship with Lois was concerned.

    It’s so annoying how Superman/Wonder Woman are reduced to quarterback/head cheerleader. It does them both such a disservice. Especially when they’re both orphans who spent a good amount of their time growing up as outcasts far removed from the prom king/queen experience. Besides, there is nothing unusual about two colleagues with similar views getting into a relationship with one another.

    I’ve never found the Superman/Lois relationship believable in the first place because Lois is such an idiot. Time after time she rushes head first into a dangerous situation for no greater reason than the glory of being first to get the big story. she would have died a long time ago if she weren’t constantly being pulled out of the fire.

  21. StuartB says:

    Anything to get away from the Lois and Clark years. It’s not set in stone or written in the stars or whatever that Superman must always be with Lois Lane. Break them up. Heck, just get rid of Lois entirely, and while we are at it, the Daily Planet.

    We don’t need Superman to perpetually be stuck in the mold created in the 40s (and, I might add, that includes Superman occasionally killing, the part of Man of Steel that had me standing up shouting YES because that’s an American icon and hero I can get behind, someone who knows that on very, very rare circumstances things like that are warranted). Characters and ideas change, mature, evolve, grow up. Another good example would be Spider-Man, perpetually being ruined by Marvel, yet had years of good history and growth that in a moment were cast aside (see the SF Debris articles on that). Heck, Spider-Man was better off with Black Cat than Mary Jane any time.

    Things change. Could the book and dynamic be better? Probably. But do you think anyone at DC would actually release a mature comic book that focuses on SM/WW as an actual couple, complete with all the issues and opportunities that brings? Probably not. Yet I know we’d all read it and it would be critically loved.

  22. Katherine says:

    the Sm / ww relationship was what led me to read comics and I think the relationship is not as “superficial” as some say, because they feels lonely because, he is the only one of him planet and she was the only one left of the amazons (except hessia) and well I think they also complement each other but I also like the relationship clark / lois and I think she is what keeps the human side of clark but it seems that she loves more Superman that Clark and Diana loves both although it has some problems with it…

  23. ericmci says:

    Writing for the sake of writing is what this is.
    You thought you had an interesting angle. Fine.
    I too- don’t care for the relationship, but if you think
    that this is the best depiction of Wonder Woman- then
    you haven’t been reading her book.
    It’s really the essence of WW and one of the few bright spots
    in the(Nu- yes they called it that) 52.

  24. cg says:

    “a man in sexy and convincing drag, surrounded by a substantial group of male characters in her supporting cast for the first time. ”


  25. cg says:

    I understand if you don’t like the book, because then don’t. But don’t make stuff up like this. It’s as sad as it looks bad.

    Azzarello and Chiang will have finished his book around September. Why not read an issue or two till then?

    For example #0 where it says that Diana only trained with Ares for a year, or #23 where she likens other warriors to her amazon sisters.

    Your whole Writing is so unbelievable off the thought of it almost hurts…

    “a man in sexy and convincing drag, surrounded by a substantial group of male characters in her supporting cast for the first time.”


  26. cg says:

    Seriously Diaz… This article comes of as you haven’t read a single issue of the Wondy Azzarello and Chiang are creating.

    This page alone (one of many!) puts your whole article to question.

  27. Eric Diaz says:

    In popular fiction, the most popular and good looking guy and girl in the high school show/movie are the football player and the cheerleader. In the DCU, the hottest and most liked heroes are Superman and Wonder Woman. That’s about as far as that analogy goes. At least that’s how I see it.

  28. Sean says:

    Anyone who says the Azzarello Diana is a Xena clone, devoid of Wonder Woman’s usual wisdom and compassion, is simply not reading the book–

  29. Audrey says:

    The Superman/WW relationship is a shallow, problematic, sexist concept that robs both characters of their magic and wonder. It panders to the lowest common denominator of shallow fans who believe that equality and power are defined by one’s physical body. Virtually every argument I’ve seen for this relationship is rooted in uncomfortable abelist viewpoints and sexism. Unfortunately, Soule has done nothing to change my mind there. It would be great if it was just a team up book but it’s not.

    Lois Lane isn’t just an underdog. She’s a fearless mortal without bullet proof skin who was willing to risk her life for the truth without physical privileges. She was flawed and funny and not unlike a lot of strong women that many people probably know in real life. The Lois/Clark modern love story was beautiful and a testament to the power of humanity. It made Superman’s love for humanity deeply personal as he wasn’t content to live above us but truly chose to live among us loving one of us in the most intimate way. DC’s treatment of this relationship in the new 52 is, at best, troubling and, at worst, deeply sexist as they played right into the lowest common denominator idea of replacing the flawed, brave mortal with a “hotter” woman with superpowers. It’s so intensely shallow and pathetic.

    The Superman/WW book has done nothing postive for Diana. She is stil defined by a man and DC has now condoned men viewing her as an object for men. The book is a farce. It’s “good” writing that cannot salvage a horrible concept. Both Diana (and Lois) deserve better.

  30. MFari says:

    You judging Clark and Diana on their looks? Really? And are you really quoting Bruce Timm who ironically showcased WW as a cheerleader for Batman? That analogy pisses me off big time because it shows little understanding of Clark or Diana. Where in the world would anyone with some understanding of WW even compare her to a cheerleader? I just don’t even know where to begin with that. You are a longtime fan and yet you using that as part of your argument? You of all people should know Diana is not a cheerleader. And Superman leading the League does not equate him to the captain of the football team. Not to mention none of those analogies even are relevant to the new 52 versions. And for the record I never bought comics because Steve and Lois never interested me. I do buy now, because Clark and Diana as heroes and a couple….they do.

  31. MK says:

    I keep hearing people rave about Lois or Steve and every time I pick up a comic or look at the dynamics on tv or film I want to roll my eyes. That is what people raving about? It is so vanilla and even more forced to me. Lois has not made Superman any more compelling than Diana and even worse is Steve, who to me Diana never needed to be an interesting heroine as evidenced by him not being her love interest for the last two plus decades. Lois grounding Supes.Eh, go back and read Action comics very very carefully and you will see you are wrong. Read what Soule has said. Clark was raised on earth as a human by humans…what he does are tools of his heroics…no one person can teach or tether him to humans. He cares for us because of choice. HIS choice. Not because of Lois. Same for Diana. Take way all the power and Diana and Clark are people. Soule is the only one who captures their vulnerabilities well and layers then as man and woman. You basally saying a character like Superman who is an alien destined to outlive Lois is useless without her. If Supes is that dependent and needs her as a crutch to care for us then he is not the hero I thought he was.

  32. Brian Walton says:

    Phe – The we he speaks of is the editorial team of I fully agree with Eric’s sentiment.

  33. Phe says:

    You toss around “we” a lot in your opening paragraph. Things like “We want to root for the underdog in any romantic scenario.” Who’s we? I’m going to just go ahead and say how stupid it is to complain about the romance between the two. It’s bad enough that DC made such a big deal about it, but it’s even worse that people like you are getting all bent out of shape over it. Would you rather have them do nothing different with these characters ever? Did it also piss you off all the other times they changed the origins of characters? Would it ruin your day to know that Diana isn’t the only person to be called “Wonder Woman?” But you already knew that. You’re a “lifelong fan.” You readily accept the changes of the past, but these recent ones are just too much for you to handle? I thought the true magic behind comic books was that one person could come up with an idea, run with it for a while, then hand it off to someone else and see where they can take it. Times change. Writers change. Let them craft the stories they want. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Go back and reread those older issues if that’s the story you want. Nobody is stopping you. But the target audience is a lot bigger than just you. You may not like the direction DC is taking with these characters, but that doesn’t mean the person next to you feels the same way. Kudos to DC for shaking things up to get people interested in their core characters again.

  34. John Cruz-Martinez says:

    This was the Superman that I got to know in 2003.

    Almost a decade later, the introduction of The New 52

    So many changes were happening in the blink of an eye. To say that these changes were big, live altering and breaking history so you could start over and build all over again would be a huge understatement. There would be no news with a greater impact then…

    I thought that I was done for sure. I was gonna walk away, but one person and an announcement changed my mind. How ironic and fitting it was that my Wife’s favorite hero who she considers to be her idol is Wonder Woman along with the dream team being Charles Soule and Tony Daniel working on the new series of Superman/Wonder Woman

    Now I can’t get enough of this new series and hope that it lives on. Already 3 issues out and it’s back to back to back hit:)

  35. JanArrah says:

    I have to say.. I completely disagree. Wonder Woman is playing second fiddle in Superman/Wonder Woman just as she is in her own book. Superman clearly dominates the book and it’s really all about Superman. It’s his villains, his world, and it’s really all about him.
    Wonder Woman, however, is just.. there. And while on panel with Superman, she always seems rather combative to me. She’s needling him constantly and trying to prove that she’s better than him at everything, while.. constantly being beaten up and failing at everything she does. She’s just now.. a good damsel in distress/incompetent to make Superman seem and feel more powerful, except when she’s trying to undercut him and make herself seem superior, while the comic itself shows she’s inferior. It’s just.. a mess.
    New 52 Wonder Woman is just.. an absolute mess and she needs to be fixed. They need to scrap this failed idea and start anew.

  36. goldenAger says:

    No… to he’ll with Lois lame. I waited years for the Iron Age bullsht to be over and applaud DC for doing so. And please, the quarterback cheerleader is the lamest analogy coming from Bruce.Timm, an ignorant batfanboy. It is no more exciting that aliens and humans would mix, than Taarzan screwing the monkeys.
    Supes might aswell become a celibate saint rather than have stories with cheese miss damsel in distress snoreeeeeee

  37. Eliot says:

    I hear you regarding changing Wonder Woman. Why not keep her as is and, I don’t know, create a new character who is all these things?

    That said, I don’t agree that stories have to buck real life. The truth is that the QB and the prom queen do often end up together, as is the case for famous couples, politically powerful couples, and, one imagines, demi-gods.

    To me, then, what becomes possible is to show them both letting their guards down in a way not possible (or even, frankly, believable) with a mortal/demi-god coupling. They may or may not get along. And when they don’t, the mortal might have to worry for their life, but another demi-god can hold their own.

    I mean, imagine Superman getting angry over something stupid like regular people do because he subconsciously realizes he won’t kill WW if he oversteps. Bye bye perfect Superman!

    It doesn’t sound like they are exploring this, especially if the relationship has no fire, and that’s too bad. It seems to me like a missed opportunity.

  38. Matt says:

    Well written article my friend. I groaned when the Superman/WW relationship was announced, but had hopes for the new title when I learned Charles Soule was writing it. He hasn’t disappointed. For all the reasons you’ve pointed out, this book is one of the best at DC right now.