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What’s in Store for SUPERNATURAL’s 13th Season?

Supernatural is about to embark on its 13th season this October. Last season ended on quite the crazy cliffhanger, and it has left fans not only wondering what’s next for the Winchesters, but how much longer the “road so far” will last. As San Diego Comic Con this year, we got the chance to sit down with the show’s stars, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins as well as executive producers Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer to talk about the upcoming season and where they see the show heading from here. Season 13 will be picking up seconds from where we left off in season 12, so it looks like it’s going to be a crazy ride right from the start! Read on to get the scoop, but know there are spoilers ahead!

Get Ready To See Some Familiar Faces


Season 13 will also be welcoming back some old friends. As we previously reported in our Wayward Sisters cast announcement, we’ll get to see our old friend Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine) again. But she’s not the only face we’re going to see again. At the Hall H panel, it was made clear that though Mary Winchester hurled herself and Lucifer into the apocalyptic alternate universe, she’s definitely not dead. Even better, this apocalyptic reality will also bring back a lot of friends we lost in the main Supernatural universe (we already got a glimpse of apocalypse-world Bobby last season). It’s not clear who we’ll see again, but it looks like opening up that rift will bring a lot of characters we love back (oh sweet Chuck let that mean Charlie, Kevin, and Gabriel).

Reports of Castiel’s Death Were Greatly Exaggerated


While it’s been made pretty clear by Mark Sheppard that Crowley is dead for good, Castiel’s death hadn’t yet been made official. Last season ended with Lucifer stabbing him with an angel blade, which is usually pretty permanent, but still, this is Cas we’re talking about. He’s exploded twice and been brought back. Happily, Cas is indeed only mostly dead (more dead than he’s ever been, according to Collins), and will be back next season. As Collins explained, season 13 will start with Cas dead, “I’m going to stay dead for a while, but when we do see Cas again–and we do see him again–he’s going to be in another realm. It’s a realm we have heard of before, we’ve talked about it before, we’ve speculated about it, but we’ve never seen it.” So what is this realm? After all, we’ve seen heaven, we’ve seen purgatory, and we’ve seen hell, so it’s not clear where Cas was sent or how he’ll get back. However, it is nice to know that he’s not gone for good.

The Nephilim Will Bring Back Some of Sam’s Old Lucifer Baggage


Season 12 ended with a lot happening all at once, from Mary hurling herself and Lucifer into an alternate universe, Castiel getting stabbed, Crowley dying, and Kelly Cline giving birth to her and Lucifer’s child, Jack. While we’ve only seen one other nephilim on Supernatural, Jack will prove to be quite the potential threat as he is not only half angel, but he’s half arch-angel with a father who is the literal devil. And while Dean is ready to deal with the tragedies from the season 12 finale by figuring out how to kill Jack, Sam takes a more measured approach towards the nephilim. While Sam does tend to see the best in people, Jack’s unique heritage gives Sam an extra dose of empathy for the kid.

As Padalecki explained, “Jack is half Lucifer, and Sam has been Lucifer. Sam was supposed to be evil, not when he was born but shortly thereafter. Sam has demon blood in him, and he was meant to do evil, and with a lot of hard work and a lot of nurture he’s overcome that. I am a firm believer that Sam still has demon blood in him, it’s just dormant, but Sam is working on it.” So this season, Sam will really see himself in Jack, and will choose to help him pick the right path and overcome the evil within. Will it work? We’ll have to watch and find out.

Supernatural Has A Lot More Story To Tell

sam and dean

There were several whispers among fans that the cast would use SDCC as the perfect place to announce season 13 as the show’s final season. Happily, that never happened, and while Padalecki, Ackles, Collins, Dabb, and Singer were all quite tight-lipped about an official end, they made it clear that Supernatural still had a lot of story left to tell. Dabb explained that though the mythology and the monsters were important, the characters are what keep the show going. “People tune in to the characters,” Dabb explained. “That’s what keeps people tuning in, and that’s what keeps the show going. It’s about putting those characters into situations that are interesting and allows the actors to respond in honest ways. As long as you’re giving people that, I think the show could go for a long time.” So while nothing has been made official, with the announcement of the Wayward Sisters spin-off, the introduction of the larger world of the Men of Letters, and the alternate universes finally being explored (remember, we were first introduced to alternate universes in season 6’s “The French Mistake”), the cast and crew of Supernatural don’t seem to be ready to park Baby for good just yet.


What do you think about what’s coming in season 13? What familiar faces would you like to see brought back? How do you think Sam and Dean will handle Jack the Nephilim? What other predictions do you have for next season? Let’s talk in the comments!

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