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What Happened to Brian? – A “Doctor Who” Epilogue

One question that was on a lot of Doctor Who fan’s minds at the tearful end of “The Angels Take Manhattan” was: What about Brian? No, not the short-lived ABC sitcom starring 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson; good memory of obscure TV comedies, though. I’m talking of course about Rory’s father, Brian, played by Mark Williams. After just two appearances he became a fan favorite, and after the way in which the Williamses left the series, speculation began as to how it would affect the newly-beloved patriarch.

Well, evidently a scene was scripted and never shot that would have wrapped up Brian’s end of the story. Because the BBC are awesome, they’ve decided to create this scene in storyboard form and even brought back Arthur Darvill to read a letter as Rory, in a scene mirrored by Amy’s letter to the Doctor. The scene was written by Chris Chibnall, who introduced Brian and wrote both episodes featuring him, and it’s a very touching and very “Blink”-ish scene that I would have loved to have seen for the reals. But, at least we have it at all and we know with a little bit more certainty the fate of Amy and Rory.

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  1. Kass says:

    @Matt- Thanks! I’ll remember to look for the paradox line when I inevitably rewatch.

  2. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a entertainment account it. Glance complex to more brought agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep in touch?

  3. Martin Václavík says:

    I watched the next morning the clip was released. I realized I had never burst into tears like that just by watching story boards before. I downloaded that clip with Czech subtitles for my brother, he had goose bumps, I cried again…

    …and then I got really pissed BBC didn’t tape that.

  4. ian Boothby says:

    The episode really should have included that scene. Family was the theme of this season and this ties up the strings.

  5. Corwalch says:

    I’m glad they didn’t film it, or include it as canon. There are always “ways” to get seemingly trapped characters back again (need I mention Rose’s return from beyond The Void?). The 50th Anniversary is coming up, so glad they have a little leeway for the Pond/Williams family.

  6. John says:

    That was so touching. It really should have been included in the episode. Together with Amy’s letter to the Doctor it would have been a prefect end to their story. I would have had them cut some of the other stuff so they could have done this.

  7. RWatson says:

    I believe it would have been a stand-alone Epilogue, like those stand-alone Prologues that they’ve released for various episodes.

  8. Aticus says:

    That was great. Chibnall seems to be becoming a better writer. Teared up just a bit. One question: When would this scene have aired? Meaning when would it have been best to put it in Angels take Manhattan?

  9. Toby says:


  10. VCEden says:

    Isn’t Chris Chibnall the one that wrote the Pond Life minis as well? I hope he (she?) gets a ton of stories next half. This was amazing.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Having Arthur Darvil come back to read the letter was so awesome. This was an amazing scene.

  12. Abbey says:

    Sooo happy they did this. After I got over how sad Amy and Rory leaving was the first thing that popped in my head was “Wait, what about their family? Are they just left to wonder what happened?”

  13. RJ Williams says:

    Chocked up. I wish they would have shot it. I would have wailed even harder.

  14. Iczorro says:

    I’m not supposed to cry from watching friggin storyboards. Damn.

  15. Andrew says:

    I was wondering about Rory’s dad too. Thank you for posting this, loved it.

  16. Matt says:

    Kasson, a lot of viewers misconstrued the time barrier created by the angels in New York as the reason why the Doctor could never see them again. It was very quick (only one line) but Amy and Rory are the paradox themselves. He can not cross them…. not their location. It does not matter where they go.

  17. Sir Snarksalot says:

    Whyyyyy did I watch that at work?!? The other cubicle drones think my dog died.

  18. Trey says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I loved it, and also missed Brian and having Rory’s goodbye to him..

  19. RoboKelly says:

    Can’t. Stop. CRYING!!!

  20. Brett says:

    Thank you for posting this! They really should have included this scene in the episode. Why introduce the character of Brian if they weren’t going to tie up his story? At least they released this. Color me satisfied.

  21. Wayne says:

    That was an amazing scene. I wish they could have filmed it for at least special DVD features, but a storyboard is better than nothing. I’m glad they mentioned he was adopted, otherwise there would have been a huge plot hole since Amy can’t have kids.

  22. Kass says:

    I love this.

    Btw, was it ever explained why Amy and Rory couldn’t leave NYC and get picked up in Sheboygan or something? All time travel has it’s holes, so I’m not nerd raging, but gently curious.

  23. Gene says:

    Wow. Just… wow.