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What Could Have Been: STAR WARS 1313

I present to you our “le sigh” moment of the day. Remember that super cool action adventure game LucasArts was developing called Star Wars 1313? Well we stumbled across this old E3 2013 demo that leaked out back in May and couldn’t help but feel all sorts of lament for what could have been one of the best Star Wars video games to ever see the light of day. In case it may have slipped from your memory, the game got canned after Disney shutdown operations at LucasArts back in April of this year. But instead of remaining bummed out about the game’s tragic cancellation, let’s take a moment gaze into the dreamy soul of the unreleased E3 2013 demo.

Given how popular shooters were in the last generation, it is baffling to me that there weren’t any set in the Star Wars universe, especially when you consider how good 1313 was looking and how high the demand for another Battlefront game was and still is. Come to think of it, I can’t name any Star Wars games from the PS3/360 era outside of The Force Unleashed series, the Lego Star Wars series, The Old Republic (which was a PC game), and the Clone Wars titles.

It’s understandable that licensing issues and Disney played a big role in 1313 not happening, but you can’t help but ponder what would have been if we were able to trade it out for The Force Unleashed 2. Well, here’s to hoping Battlefront 3 comes out, free of lens flare, sometime in 2014!

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  1. DJ Kento says:

    The biggest bummer about all this is that the hero here was actually a place holder. Through more image and testing reveals we now know that he was supposed to be Boba Fett and that through out the game you’d gain new abilities and gadgets and by the end of it you’d be armed up to the teeth as the greatest bounty hunter ever.

    I wish we could have seen more of that and I hope that EA thinks twice about scrapping the game and gets a new team on it and starts remaking it using the FrostBite 3 engine.

  2. bastien says:

    Why trade it out for Force Unleashed 2? It was a perfectly good game, sometimes great even. The series didn’t deserve any of the flack it got.

    The story was great. They were the only major pieces of media that actually took the pre-trilogy era in an interesting and engaging direction.

    Sam Witwer was absolutely fantastic in his performance as Starkiller. He brought more passion and pathos to the Star Wars universe with one character in two video games than the entire cast of the three prequels combined. He played it perfectly and it was a blast to play as him.

    If anything, the Star Wars universe deserves a third Force Unleashed game to finish where the other two left off.

    1313 looks good, but I’d take The Force Unleashed 3 over this any day of the week.

  3. Matthew says:

    I was enjoying just watching it. Make it a movie!

  4. Josh Yerby says:

    What is sad is that this version of the game had been scrapped in favor of making it about Boba Fett before the game itself met it’s demise.

  5. Curtis says:

    It’s still bumming me out that we’ll never get this game. I would’ve played the hell out of it.