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Welcome to the Shadow Zone

Onyx Goes Viral Again in WELCOME TO THE SHADOW ZONE’s 7th Episode

When you’ve fully dedicated yourself to the darkness, you’re used to facing down the most terrifying horrors imaginable. But even those who have survived a journey to the deepest pits of Hell could never prepare for one particular nightmare, a sight so monstrous it should never have been unleashed on the world. Because no one needs to see your “little devil” going viral.

But in episode seven from season one of our Alpha series Welcome to the Shadow Zone, that’s exactly what happened to two-time internet sensation Onyx the Fortuitous. His punishment for trusting the two monsters who came with smiles and hard liquor was to have his most intimate secret revealed to the world. That’s how he ended up hosting a “Truth Teller” on the average penis size.

But it wasn’t all bad, as his dedication to all things macabre led to him receiving an amazing gift. Thanks to that (and a push from his way-too-intense best friend Jessamyn), he had the chance for some LARPing redemption.

Was that victory short lived? We won’t say, but this is Onyx we’re talking about, so you can probably guess.

Welcome to the Shadow Zone is only one of the great shows you’ll find at our interactive online Alpha community. We’ve been releasing an episode from season one every Monday throughout October in honor of the greatest time of the year, Halloween.

You can see the first three episodes, along with the fourth, fifth, and sixth installments here. But if you can’t want to see what happens to Onyx next, join Alpha now. Your first 30 days are free, and there’s nothing scary about that.

Plus, with the money you save you can get one of those great “Help, My Weiner’s Out!” shirts. What? That is a pretty great shirt.

What do you think Onyx will do now after his mom’s bombshell? Say welcome to our comment section below and let us know.

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