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Ah, American Horror Story, just when we’re on the tail end of recovery from last season, we get hit with this: news of who Sarah Paulson is playing American Horror Story: Freak Show, and now we can’t stop thinking about it.


Well, there’s something we didn’t see coming. Next season is going to feature a double dose of the actress in form of conjoined twins if this tweet of a modified double Paulson has anything to say about it. Well, that will definitely up the insanity factor for sure.

Little is currently known about the twins, Bette and Dot, other than the “two-headed” factor teased in the image. At the moment this is what we know about the new season beyond Bette and Dot: set in Jupiter, Florida, Freak Show will follow one of the last remaining Freak Show businesses of the 1950s (run by Jessica Lange’s character), and, in addition to Paulson’s conjoined twins, will feature a “clown killer” and bearded lady in the cast of characters.

At this point, there’s nothing that sounds too ludicrous for American Horror Story, and whatever they want to do, we’re on board because thus far, the series has managed to skew our expectations at every single turn. Truthfully, the crazier the description for a season, the more promising it sounds, and Freak Show sounds like the nuttiest one to date.

What do you think of Paulson’s new twin character? What are you most looking forward to in the new AHS season? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. autumn says:

    When does it start????

  2. Dean Brown says:

    “a two-headed twin” You mean conjoined twins, plural. Not very fair to people who are born with this condition to consider them one individual.

    • ShutUpDean says:

      Yes, since there are so many in the world and we are all worried about hurting their feelings by not categorizing them in the right compartment. 

    • Justin says:

      Can’tpleaseeveryone. Get over it

  3. the lower corner of this photo says American Horror Story Conj….something.
    maybe Freak Show is a working title