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Pickstarter: Bohemian Guitars, snappgrip, and Woodworking 101

This week in Pickstarter we’re highlighting antique jug recycled into guitars, a photo grip for the iPhones, and a woodworking show for the beginning carpenter.

Pick #1 – Bohemian Guitars – Oil Can Guitar

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about guitars, but this looks really cool. Using antique and recycled oil cans, brothers Adam and Shaun Lee are making guitars through their Bohemian Guitars. The oil can is customized for an oil, moonshine or honey label theme, and as for the guitar specs themselves, I’m actually going to leave that to the guys from Bohemian Guitars.

From the Kickstarter page:

These axes feature top quality maple necks with rosewood fingerboards. All necks have an adjustable truss rod allowing for the perfect action essential to all guitarists. Each neck has 24 frets and a scale length of roughly 26 inches. Our Boho Series of guitars feature volume and tone control knobs, chrome (add black for $6 or gold for $15) tuning machines, a rosewood bridge, and a noiseless single coil pickup resulting in a clean bluesy twang.

The moment we can get one in Matt Mira’s hands for experimentation we will.¬†Of course with a name like Bohemian Guitars, we’ll never know if this is real life or is this just fantasy… (Kidding. They look totally legit.)

Pick #2 – Would You Wood Work?

If you love Nick Offerman as much as I do then you know that he is a carpenter and wood worker. He builds things with his hands and uses those things to either build other things or use them in his daily life. Plus, he rocks a moustache better than the rest of us. He is a badass. Harrison Ford. Carpenter. Jesus Christ. Alleged Carpenter. What I’m saying is, the coolest people in the world know how to work wood, and you should be one of them. That’s where C.C. Boyce comes into the picture. C.C. is a commercial actress (she admittedly always plays the bitchy one) who is also a wood worker and who wants to teach others how to make those everyday wooden objects we use for ourselves. (As a shop class enthusiast, I still have my TV stand I built in high school in my living room.) C.C. wants to make a series of comedic woodworking instructional videos and demystify the jargon in the wood shop. (All this talk about wood and I didn’t make a single intentional penis pun. You’re welcome.)

Pick #3 – snappgrip

I didn’t know how to start this paragraph without sounding like a commercial, i.e. “Tired of fumbling with both hands to take a picture on your Iphone?” or “Sick of having to waste a hand while taking pictures of something?” So I used that clever device to do it anyway and not feel guilty. But I digress. The snappgrip iPhone case allows you to lock in the grip in situations where you need or want to use your iPhone almost exclusively as a camera. The grip connects to an app through Bluetooth, so there’s no siphoning the battery on the phone. There’s also a tripod mount on the underside of the grip for stability.



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  1. C.C. Boyce says:

    Hey there! My woodworking webseries was funded and it up! Check it out:

  2. This would be a great conversation piece in the house.

  3. Zachary Ainsworth says:

    So totally want one of these Guitars so badly but i don’t have any money to buy one!!!!!! these guitars are so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Celeste says:

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  5. G.W. Andrews says:

    GAAAAAH! They all should win!