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We Have Lots of Questions About E.T. Being in This STAR WARS Wax Museum Display

Let’s cut right to the chase, because we have much more important (and absurd) issues to get to than the “what” of this silliness. We came across this confusing picture at io9, the one Imgur user Yemyself snapped at the Barcelona Wax Museum that shows that the curators there have placed E.T. in their Star Wars exhibit.

Good grief–what in the hell is this monstrosity?

Let’s start with E.T. Why is he there? Because he is from space, and this made the most logical sense for where to place him in the museum? Or is it because he, or at the very least his species, is technically part of the Star Wars universe, having appeared as a tiny Easter egg as one of the members of the Galactic Senate in The Phantom Menace? Could it be someone got lazy and didn’t care where he went? Or has no one at the museum ever seen a “Star War?”

Here’s my guess: they thought he was Yoda. A weird, wrinkly, short alien? Must be this guy. And we all know how much Yoda loved flowers….

But you know what? I don’t care why E.T. is there. I want to know why tiny ninja Larry Bird is holding a lightsaber, and what Bill Maher has to do with any of this. “Leia” looks like an actress whose name I can’t recall right now, I just know it’s definitely not Carrie Fisher I’m thinking of.

What is this display? How did this get made? What is going on in Spain with their wax figures? E.T. is the second most accurate part of this Star Wars display.

Although if we ask the museum about it I bet they say this is their Lost in Space exhibit or something.

Who do you think these wax figures look like? Why is E.T. there? Give us your best theories in the comments below.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures
The Phantom Menace Image: Lucasfilm
Image: Yemyself

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