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Watch Steel Panther Shred on ROCK BAND and Play Original Music On Twitch

If you are not already familiar with the Los Angeles-based glam metal band Steel Panther, then boy are you in for the raddest treat of all time. The hilariously lewd, over-the-top foursome is one part the musical deftness of early Guns N’ Roses, one part the ridiculousness of Tenacious D, and several dashes of the ’80s machismo of Mickey Rourke in The WrestlerAnd lucky us, we got them in our gaming room to play all the classics on Rock Band 3 before they whipped out their…instruments to perform original material for a rousing, lighter-up finale.

With Stix Zadinia on skins, sexy Lexxi Foxx on bass, Satchel on lead guitar, and Michael Starr handling vocals/caterwauling, the band sounded as formidable and ridiculous as ever, playing Rock Band covers of “Crazy Train”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Rainbow In The Dark”, and many more. When Stix took over Michael’s singing duties for their Dio cover, the comment section went f–king wild. You could feel the internet chanting “Stix! Stix! Stix! Stix!” After a flawless 100 percent vocal performance, the drummer dropped the mic in triumph. Perhaps he will have a vocal feature on the next album? We can only hope.

To wrap up the performance, the band performed “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World” and serenaded yours truly with a touching version of “Girl From Oklahoma”. And then, just like that, they were gone, likely to the next town where the groupies would give them some much deserved love and hopefully not a burning sensation the following morning.

Steel Panther is currently on tour and are about to tear it up in Australia before hitting Europe, and then shredding stateside this summer. Head here for a full list of dates, and be sure to check out their most recent album, All You Can Eat.

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  1. Gershwin says:

    Wow. Such a bad band. Can’t sing, can’t drum, no clue whatsoever. American trash.

    • Brad says:

      Here’s some American trash for you, Fuck off.

    • gebo9b35 says:

      its actually common that people who know how to actually play the instrument, cant play rockband or anything like it cause its not how its meant to be played…

  2. Michael Starrs balls says:

    Damn this is awesome. 

  3. Greg Campbell says:

    Easily one of the best streams to date, will take another Bobby (dammit bobby!) scenario to beat it.