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Watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference Live Here!

With the EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, and Ubisoft press conferences behind us, it’s finally time for Sony’s 2016 E3 press conference to take center stage. As we speak, we’re packed into the auditorium, waiting for the show to begin, and wondering what Sony has up their sleeves. It’s going to be hard to top last year’s exciting lineup—which included the Final Fantasy VII remasterShenmue, and The Last Guardianbut we have faith that it will be a good one.

The curious thing about this year is that we already know what most of Sony’s developers are working on. Guerrilla Games will surely show off more Horizon Zero Dawn footage, and Quantic Dream will hopefully serve up another look at Detroit: Become Human. Persona 5, The Last Guardian, and No Man’s Sky are also likely. With PlayStation VR launching at the end of the year, we’re also expecting a huge emphasis on the emerging platform.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises. We’ve been waiting on Sony Santa Monica’s God of War 4, and Sony Bend’s mystery title for quite some time now, so it would be nice to see them. Other possibilities are a Last of Us sequel from Naughty Dog (though not likely), or even something Infamous-related from Sucker Punch.

Thankfully the conference is here, so we don’t have to speculate for too much longer. You can watch the live stream at the top of the page, and follow along with our live-blog below (keep refreshing for updates). Also, don’t forget to check out our previous coverage of the EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, and Ubisoft conferences.

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Image: Sony

7:17 PM: Welp, it looks like that’s it, folks! It was hands down my press conference this year.

7:11 PM: Now we’re getting a live stage demo of Bend Studios’ upcoming game, Days Gone. As rumored, there are zombies. Running from a horde of zombies is one of our favorite video game past times.

7:09 PM: Insomniac games and Marvel have teamed up for a Spiderman game! What is even happening right now? This conference is amazing!

7:05 PM: The footage about to be shown is running in real time. This is Kojima Productions Sony-exclusive game! In the clip, we see a naked man (it’s Norman Reedus!) wake up and caress a baby. There are dead fish everywhere and we are confused, but excited! The game is called Death Stranding.

7:01 PM: The one and only Hideo Kojima just hit the stage!

7:01 PM: LEGO Star Wars comes out in two weeks, the demo is available right now. The game looks absolutely adorable.

6:58 PM: Crash Bandicoot is coming to Skylanders! You’ll be able to design your own Skylanders for the new game, Skylander Imaginator, which releases October 2016.

6: 50 PM: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is looking seriously splendid in the new space setting. We spotted a grappling hook and some new physics. Also, the Modern Warfare remaster is looking clean.

6:49 PM: Final Fantasy XV is coming September 30, 2016. VR also on the way for the game.

6:47 PM: What! Batman Arkham VR  will be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR this October.

6:44 PM: Star Wars Battlefront X Wing VR mission on the way.

6:42 PM: Now we’re getting a look at some VR games.

6:41 PM: PlayStation VR will launch on October 13, 399 USD. More than fifty games will be available by the end of the year.

6:40 PM: Surprise! It’s Resident Evil VII Biohazard! It will be out Jan 21, 2017 and will be completely VR compatible. Download the demo for free with PlayStation Plus.

6:35 PM: Up next is a VR game. Whatever this is, is pretty creepy.

6:31 PM: Time for some Detroit: Become Human footage. You’ll apparently be able to live your own story, which of course means facing consequences for your actions.

6:27 PM: Need to get all the way on the other side of the map? No worries, the post post apocalyptic Uber service (which involves trapping and taking control of a robotic mount) is here to help you out! On the real though, gameplay is looking great. Taking down the robotic creatures seems like a blast.

6:25 PM: Aloy is trekking through the wilderness, crafting traps, and taking names (and resources). There are also dialogue options, which is neat.

6:23 PM: Time for some Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay.

6:22 PM: The Last Guardian is getting a gorgeous new trailer. It will be launching on October 25, 2016!

6:21 PM: The game follows a biker mercenary and is called Days Gone.

6:18 PM: Finally, it’s time for Bend Studio to reveal their game.

6:15 PM: Viking Kratos (that’s what we’re going to call him until we learn his name) and his son are quite the pair. It looks like we’ll be able to play as both characters. There are dragons. We repeat: There. Are. Dragons!

6:11 PM: Winter is coming (via his axe). Spartan Rage confirmed. RIP Troll.

6:04 PM: GOD OF WAR! It looks like the concept art was real after all. We love where this is headed.

6:01 PM: The show is kicking off with a mysterious (and creepy) choir. We’d have chills if it wasn’t so hot in the auditorium.

6:00 PM: We can’t wait to see what Sony has up their sleeves!

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