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Watch the PlayStation E3 Press Conference Live!

Last but certainly not least on this excellent E3 Monday are the boys and girls in blue over at Sony Computer Entertainment. With the PlayStation 4 currently in the lead by a wide margin in terms of install base, you have to wonder what can be done to build upon that. But the PlayStation brand has never been the type to get too comfortable, and I imagine we’re getting ready to see the biggest collection of indie titles and new IPs that any of the press conferences have to offer. Which is saying something considering the bombshells that Microsoft dropped earlier today.

But will we catch a glimpse of some Uncharted 4 multiplayer? What will the price on that rumored 1TB model be? Is this the time where we’ll find out what on earth Sony Santa Monica has been up to since God of War: Ascension? Let’s dive head first into the final E3 press conference of the evening!

If you’re not watching the PlayStation press conference from one of the many theaters nationwide that are broadcasting, then you may want to stick around here on Nerdist to catch the full show. And for some insightful commentary, join Dan Casey and myself as we will be live-blogging the entire show down below. For full recaps of all of the press conferences, make sure to keep an eye on Nerdist.

7:28 PM: And now we’re driving a jeep down a massive hill, trying to avoid a turret-toting APC full of enemies. (DC)

7:26 PM: The cutscenes blend seamlessly into the action, and look sincerely amazing. When the bullets start flying, the firefight is fast and furious. Nathan’s quips are desperately needed to break the tension. (DC)

7:25 PM: The controller died, so let’s watch it again! Seeing Nathan Drake and Sully together again in a bazaar is amazing. (DC)

7:23PM: And now a game that requires no introduction…Uncharted 4 (DC)

7:21 PM: New mission mode called Survival is being unveiled. We open on a crashlanded pilot, desperately outrunning Stormtroopers. Admiral Ackbar offers us a warning. (ARE YOU READING THIS, RACHEL HEINE?) (DC)

7:20 PM: Oh thank goodness — NOW we’re getting some Star Wars: Battlefront news. Let’s talk Missions, shall we?

7:18 PM: “The only place you can play as Boba Fett before the holidays” is the PlayStation 4 exclusive starter pack. (DC)

7:16PM: Disney Infinity 3.0 is getting an exclusive Star Wars: Twilight of the Empire pack a full month before everyone else. The trailer is, admittedly, awfully cute. (DC)

7:12 PM: And now a montage of some seriously compelling reasons to buy a PS4 — including Until Dawn (survival horror), Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. (DC)

7:09 PM: David Vonderhaar from Treyarch is here to talk about Black Ops III multiplayer. It’ll be hands-on and playable this week at E3. (DC)

7:04PM: The Black Ops III campaign is playable by up to 4 players cooperatively. Missions will vary depending on how you approach them. “If you want to succeed, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty,” says Treyarch chief Mark Lamia. (DC)

7:03PM: PlayStation is partnering with Activision to bring Call of Duty: Black Ops III to PS4. Is it exclusie? It seems like it might be. But that’s crazy. It can’t be.

7:01PM: PlayStation Vue will launch with a Showtime, Fox Soccer Channel, and a new exclusive channel from Machinima. (DC)

6:59PM: Rigs: Mechanized Combat League is a 3 vs. 3 arena combat game designed for VR by Guerilla Cambridge. “E-sports, Morpheus-style.” (DC)

6:58PM: Andrew House is here to talk about awesome VR titles like EVE: Valkyrie, Godling, and The Deep. (DC)

6:56 PM: Ah, a concerned citizen wants a smoker dealt with. Too bad it was the Scarecrow and not a cigarette smoker, huh? (DC)

6:55PM: It’s coming out soon, but we’re getting a great look at Batman: Arkham Knight nonetheless. This is far and away the creepiest trailer for Arkham Knight yet. We’re getting a first-person look at what looks like the early moments of the game. (DC)

6:53 PM: The hits keep on coming. A preview trailer for Shenmue III and a call to action from creator Yu Suzuki about a Kickstarter. How quickly will Shenmue 3 reach $2 million? . Find out. Or Malik will fight you. (DC)

6:51PM: Mother Russia Bleeds, Eitr, Crossing Souls and one I missed cause I was weeping over Final Fantasy VII — Devolver Digital is bringing 4 awesome-looking, suoremely weird titles to PS4. They’re like the Adult Swim of game devs.

6:49 PM: IT’S REAL. Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming first to PS4. Does that mean it’ll wind up elsewhere eventually?

6:46PM: Is this a HD version of Final Fantasy VII? No. It’ can’t be.

6:45PM: World of Final Fantasy will be coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita 2016.

6:43PM: A cane-sword you say? Now I’m listening. Evie Frye has plunged so many blades into so many dudes. It’s awesome. Give her a smear of grease and make her Victorian Furiosa already. “The Dreadful Crimes” missions will be available exclusively on PS4. (DC)

6:42 PM: And now some Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Fun innit? (DC)

6:41 PM: “Become Legend” the tagline reads before dissolving to Destiny: The Taken King, coming 9/15/15. (DC)

6:40 PM: Destiny is getting a little bit bigger, you guys. Flaming armor, electric shields, shadowy demons. This looks like enough to suck me back in to Destiny. (DC)

6:38PM: This looks like an incredible, old-school adventure game. Great voice acting. They really sold the mystery. (DC)

6:37 PM: Firewatch is heading to console, exclusively on PlayStation. It’s a mystery in the wilds of Wyoming, with your only tether to the real world being a woman’s voice over the radio. (DC)

6:35PM: Dreams is a very innovative, inventive title. It lets you sketch creations and plays a bit like a live-action painting. You can puppeteer your creations using the controller and collaborate with others to make wild, new creations. We’ve seen polar bears stalking across the ice, a teddy bear fighting zombies, a lone robot riding a speeder bike across a sci-fi cityscape, and a elderly pianist who transforms into a bear. Okay, so a lot of bears. Still, mediamolecule is making some wild stuff. (DC)

6:31 PM: We’re soaring through the sky, plunging downward. What’s that? It’s a chair in a cave! Like a nice chair, but it’s a chair in a cave. What could this title be? Evidently, it’s called Dreams. (DC)

6:29PM: The environments are fully destructible, each with their own ecology and ecosystem. Likewise, there are sentinels that patrol the land, fending off invaders such as ourselves. (DC)

6:26PM: No Man’s Sky is peeling back the curtain to show just how vast and massive this game really is. What a sprawling creation. Good luck getting a Platinum trophy. (DC)

6:24PM: Never lose to Guile, guys. Street Fighter V is here and we’re seeing Cammy kick some major ass. It’s coming exclusively to PS4 and PC. Public beta starts July 23rd, and it’ll be exclusive to PS4. (DC)

6:23PM: Hitman will have a PS4-exclusive beta and will have 6 exclusive contracts as the year rolls along, according to Sony’s Asad Qizilbash. (DC)

6:21PM: And now there’s a sizzle reel for a new Hitman game. Hopefully there’s another goofy-looking mascot costume to wear. Great trailer though, especially the music. (DC)

6:20PM: They unveiled a positively stunning game, an open-world action adventure title called Horizon: Zero Dawn. You play a mixture between Red Sonja, Avatar Korra, and Tomb Raider who traverses a beautiful countryside with an advanced bow and arrow fighting mechanical dinosaurs. It looks incredible. (DC)

6:13PM: Herman Hulst from Guerilla Games is here to unveil a new franchise, captured on PS4.

6:09PM: After 8 years of development, we’re finally seeing it in action. What a beautiful, fantastical world this is. The Last Guardian feels like Ghibli meets Del Toro

6:05PM: Holy snacks. Praise C’thulu or whatever power did this because they’re starting things off with The Last Guardian. I have been sitting on the nugget that this game wasn’t dead for a year. Thank goodness that came true. (DC)

6:04PM: “We have risen to the challenges and opportunities of becoming the best entertainment experience available” – Shawn Layden (DC)

6:02PM: Sony’s Shawn Layden has taken the stage to kick things off after a radical montage of potential titles. I’m rooting for Crash Team Racing HD Remaster. (DC)

Additional reporting by Dan Casey

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