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Watch Oranges Explode in 62,000 FPS

As often proven by the MythBusters crew and films of Michael Bay, there few things cooler than a slow motion explosion. However, what these works of combustive art boil down to isn’t just a mere explosion, but also the what of the matter. Anyone can explode a house, water heater or earth destroying asteroid… but how many people do you know can explode fruit? The answer may be everyone, but can they all do it with as much style as this lovely YouTuber:

So let’s get something straight: THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO TRY AT HOME! EVER! DON’T DO THIS! IT IS VERY DANGEROUS! That said, it’s pretty freaking sweet, isn’t it? Especially that warm glow the explosion creates in the fruit.

A quick browse of the Slow Mo Lab channel reveals a massive package of goodies as it turns out. Goodies like a chainsaw taking off bottle caps and matches being lit in ultra high frame rates. Really, it’s the perfect thing to get us through those long weeks between MythBusters episodes.

If you could explode any fruit in slow motion, which one would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT Gizmodo]

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  1. Rick says:

    Come on guys… Slow Mo Lab is great stuff…. But Gavin and Dan at The Slow Mo Guys are the best!

  2. gatling216 says:

    This needs to be a high res wallpaper.