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Watch GIRLS Actress Zosia Mamet Rap on the Streets of New York City

Anyone who watches HBO’s Girls knows of the earnest musical aspirations of Hannah Horvath’s college bestie, Marnie Michaels, played by Allison Williams. However, a different member of the dynamic four-pack might be dipping her toe into the pop world.

More specifically, the rap world. Yes, it appears Zosia Mamet (better known as Shoshanna Shapiro) is still itching to make her debut on the Billboard charts.

At least that’s what we can deduce by our latest discovery of a rap video the actress made with her partner-in-rhyme, Jee Young Han, a fellow actress who appeared as “Teen Employee” in Young Adult and “HS Do-Gooder” in It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.

The song is called “Rhymes With Banana” and, according to Jezebel, it was a promo clip made back in 2010. Mamet’s lyrical skillz actually aren’t that bad and her flow is pretty deece. In fact, she kind of reminds us of Childish Gambino—but, like, with a female voice and stuff.

If you’re a fan of Ms. Mamet, then you probably remember seeing headlines last summer when she tried to raise money on Kickstarter to fund the debut album from her indie-rock band, Cabin Sisters, which she formed with her real-life sister, Clara. Sadly, the campaign failed but the music still lives on.

To hear other songs from Zosia performing with Cabin Sisters, check out more music on her site. You can also follow all her virtual moves @ZosiaMametCom.

Oh, and in case you want a good laugh today, let’s revisit Marnie’s amazing cover of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians’ “What I Am” from Season 3 of Girls.

Image: Rhymes With Banana

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  1. donovan says:

    Love Zosia Mamet! She’s the best thing about “Girls”. The Diamond in the dirt. I hope she gets the fame, that she deserves…