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Watch EA’s E3 Briefing Here Live!

Do you smell that? It smells like E3! Downtown LA is filled to the brim with Gears of War 4 posters, a giant Titan from Titanfall, and plenty of nerd excitement. Doesn’t it feel like Christmas? The festivities kick off today with the EA Play press conference (starting at 1 p.m. PST) which we expect will include the likes of Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Best of all, you can come watch the whole stream live with us above, while we liveblog the event below! So make sure to join the fun, keep refreshing the page for our updated commentary, and drop your reactions in the comments section below.

Aside from the previously mentioned big hitters, we’re also expecting a more in-depth look at the upcoming sports titles like FIFA (yay!), and even some more Star Wars talk. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the upcoming  SW: Battlefront expansions, and if we’re lucky, enough, we’ll get to see some footage of Visceral’s Star Wars title. It’s also safe to assume the whole conference will be rounded out with talk of their subscription service, EA Access. What other secrets will be revealed today? Let the predictions and hype begin!

This is most certainly an interesting year for EA as the mega-publisher has also also opted out of taking their usual (massive) spot on the show floor, and will instead host a fan-centric event at a different venue. We’ll of course keep you posted on everything that’s going on over there as well.

Make sure to also keep up with all of our live coverage of the Bethesda conference (which begins at 7 p.m. PST), as we’ll also be liveblogging all of that goodness in a separate post. Then tomorrow, check out the Microsoft and Sony briefings as well! Game on!

Image: Electronic Arts

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2:05 PM: That’s the end of the show. What did you guys think about it?

2:03 PM: Thew new trailer is finally revealed. Lots of action.

2:01 PM: Structure demolition will once again be a focal point in Battlefield 1, and new massive vehicles.

2:00 PM: Battlefield 1 will be streamed soon after this show. Zac Efron and Jamie Fox will the hype men.

1:58 PM: Trailer time. Short and sweet.

1:57 PM: Battlefield 1 (still a strange name) is now up.

1:55 PM: Amy Hennig is doing her thing at Visceral. EA is incredibly lucky they were able to add such a talent.

1:54 PM: A lot of footage of different Star Wars games being shown off. And Lando made a quick appearance in the clip!

1:52 PM: New SW: Battlefront game coming next year. Respawn is also working on a third-person SW title.

1:52 PM: “Hey, don’t forget there are 3 SW games you can play right now.”–EA

1:51 PM: Star Wars time.

1:49 PM: So far Fe looks like it’ll be a platformer where you must find your own way in a strange new world. Count me in.

1:47 PM: Fe looks like an interesting artsy title. No gameplay yet, but the artwork looks fantastic. So far we know it’s about exploration and conflict.

1:45 PM: EA is planning on helping bring smaller games to fruition with EA Originals. All profits will go back to the developers who partake in the program. Fe from Zoink Games will be the first game to come from this program.

1:44 PM: Battlefield 1 in 5 minutes.

1:43 PM: Jokes aside, FIFA 17 is looking great, as expected.

1:41 PM: Nope. More FIFA talk. Now we’re learning about the new physics changes.

1:39 PM: A whole lot of sports talk so far. Not enough Mass Effect imo. Hopefully there’s more.

1:36 PM: The Journey  is FIFA 17‘s Premier League story of Alex Hunter. Managers are also being added to the game. Soccer lovers should seriously be thrilled about this.

1:35 PM: Crowd isn’t very hyped at the moment for soccer, but a new trailer showing off an NBA 2K-style career mode.

1:33 PM: FIFA montage of older iterations is nostalgic for sure.

1:32 PM: More Sports ball. This time, FIFA. I’m all about this.

1:31 PM: EA announces Play to Give: new in-game challenges for charitable causes.

1:29 PM: New galaxy for you to explore in Mass Effect. The few planets we get to see in the new clip look clean. Unfortunately no gameplay, yet.

1:27 PM: Powered by Frostbite, Andromeda will supposedly be even larger than previous games. That’s ambitious. New look at game now.

1:26 PM: Mass Effect Andromeda time.

1:24 PM: Awkward Madden moment on stage with some of the Madden Championship Series competitors. Series will go on for a full year. Mass Effect is up next, though!

1:23 PM: EA will be hosting eSport event for several of their sports and FPS titles. Here’s hoping for some FIFA love.

1:22 PM: EA is really trying to emphasize eSports.

1:21 PM: Peter Moore talking football, and eSports.

1:20 PM: Sports ball begins with Madden!

1:18 PM: Titanfall universe is pretty damn rad, players will surely enjoy getting an actual story mode.

1:16 PM: Single-player campaign officially confirmed for Titanfall 2. Same trailer that leaked earlier. Will be launching October 28 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

1:15 PM: Ps4 players hyped right now.

1:14 PM: Titanfall 2 multiplayer is looking slick. Grapple hooks and new Titans!

1:12 PM: Vince Zampella on stage to talk about Titanfall 2, and its multiplayer.

1:11 PM: We’re going to see Star Wars, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and of course, Mass Effect.

1:09 PM: EA explaining why they’re doing their own thing, as opposed to the usual E3 show.

1:08 PM: Here.We.Go.

1:03 PM: And now we wait.

1:00 PM: Titanfall 2‘s campaign trailer leaked earlier with an October 28 release date. So, there goes one of the surprises.

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