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Watch the First Episode of the FINAL FANTASY XV Anime Prequel Series Now

If your main complaint about Final Fantasy is that there weren’t enough anime prequels to accompany the main games, then today is your lucky day. During Wednesday evening’s Uncovered Final Fantasy XV livestream event, Square Enix announced Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, an anime prequel series that tells the story of how Final Fantasy XV’s protagonist, Noctis, came to be friends with the other main characters. The series will be five episodes in total, with each episode running 10 minutes long. All episodes will be made available for free on YouTube, so you can save your hard-earned gil for more pressing matters like putting a down payment on the game’s high-end collector’s editions. In the meantime, you can watch the first episode above, as well as the series announcement trailer right here:

If the animation style looks familiar, then you have a good eye. The series is produced by A-1 Pictures, the Japanese animation studio behind fan-favorite anime series like Sword Art OnlineAldnoah.Zero, and Black Butler. This isn’t their first rodeo in terms of adapting a video game for the small screen either; A-1 has worked on anime adaptations of Valkyria Chronicles and Persona, too.

There is no word yet on when future episodes will be released. Final Fantasy XV, however, will hit store shelves on September 30, 2016.

HT: Square Enix

Images: Square Enix

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